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Heyy! SO I dont know i im allowed to post a competition....Well I Guess I am if its my things as the prize? :) Anyway Sooo - Guess whas Und…

Started by Alannis

30 Dec 19, 2010
Reply by Alannis


Musings on self acceptance, art and private parts

So there I was looking back at a typo I just made on a post, and it made me think about a blog I read recently by Neil Gaiman's goddaughter…

Started by SpinintheSpark-Bryana

11 Dec 19, 2010
Reply by The Spin Jinny*

Tapeworm Diet

     First of all, I will start out by telling you what a tapeworm is. A tapeworm is an intestinal parasite that lives in the intestines of…

Started by Ginny Williams

46 Dec 19, 2010
Reply by Brutal Jim

What does 2011 have in store for you?

I have been thinking a lot about what 2010 was and what 2011 will be. I feel like every year I have a big mission ( most of the time I don'…

Started by Jenaphyr

7 Dec 18, 2010
Reply by Jenaphyr

What to watch....

I have internet and watch my tv and movies over the web in most cases. The only drawback is I don't see commercials or just flip through ch…

Started by tiffany barnes

9 Dec 16, 2010
Reply by Behoopd

Hoop gatherings...?

Hi my lovely hoopers! I need help with a little research project.  Can you please reply with the names and websites (yes, website PLEASE) o…

Started by Jeanna

3 Dec 16, 2010
Reply by Jeanna

Is this girl on here?

I just saw this today and it featured a hoop dancer and i was wondering if she was on here?

Started by Samantha (Hoopalilly)

6 Dec 16, 2010
Reply by The Spin Jinny*

Meeting people at bars

I'm curious: has anyone ever met a stranger at a bar and continued to be friends with them afterwards? Has anyone ended up having a relatio…

Started by Harlow [Hulacination Hoops]

36 Dec 15, 2010
Reply by Alli Rae


what hair cut would you give me?

i'm sorry ladies! i know i keep asking all this beauty advise,i'm just trying to feel better about myself by trying in different ways.i'm t…

Started by Aurora

16 Dec 15, 2010
Reply by Daniela VI

Calling all Gamers, What games do you play?

Name your systems and games! ;DHave been a PlayStation owner since 1996, owned the Original PS, the PS1 PS2 and now PS3Titles such as:All t…

Started by GlowBunny

40 Dec 15, 2010
Reply by dinahmyte

Picking your Battles

I have had so many close relationships in my life. Really really close friends and family and only 3 boyfriends included (2 too many ;) im…

Started by kimani l♥vs

7 Dec 15, 2010
Reply by kimani l♥vs


Our Government, Subliminal messaging, chemicals in our foods, and laws that throw the good guys in jail.

So if you live in the US by now you know all the shady as shit things our government is doing right before our eyes..such as putting chemic…

Started by Lyssamarie

19 Dec 15, 2010
Reply by Lyssamarie

Are you being Eco-Friendly?

Last semester I took an Environmental Science class and learned about tons of different ways that we as humans affect the Environment in ha…

Started by GlowBunny

46 Dec 15, 2010
Reply by Lili *Hoopsessed*

things have changed...

it is now officially set... im moving on december 28th XD im very happy and i cannot wait to meet the hoopers out in kansas! so excited to…

Started by Stephanie

10 Dec 14, 2010
Reply by Stephanie


what gets you into the christmas spirit?

i watch lots and lots of christmas movies just got done watching the polar express last night and it is my fav! makes me all warm and tingl…

Started by Lyssamarie

8 Dec 14, 2010
Reply by Brutal Jim

Favourite Christmas song.

What's your favourite Christmas/holiday song? Mine is clearly Carol of the Bells. I love the sound of orchestras and soprano voices I just…

Started by MagicFlame

13 Dec 14, 2010
Reply by chels

Christmas ideas!

Hello Hoopers! This is my first year to really have my own Christmas tree that I can decide how to decorate and jazz up. I want it to be un…

Started by ERose

6 Dec 14, 2010
Reply by Haley

All time Favorite Movies?

Hey guys! This is totally non-hoop related....but I remember not long ago there was a discussion about good movie recommendations....and it…

Started by Casey B.

42 Dec 14, 2010
Reply by Antoinette

Avant Garde music

What are some really obscure/unique/strange/trippy bands or artists you listen to?  I'm always on the look out for very original artists. …

Started by Brutal Jim

11 Dec 14, 2010
Reply by Halo


help me download music

can any one help me with a free website that lets you save songs on there computer. the only song i can put on my page is a ringtone lol he…

Started by RIOT

7 Dec 13, 2010
Reply by Brutal Jim


Vanity Sizing

Is anyone else bothered by it? Sizes of clothing seem to mean nothing anymore. It's almost to the point that it seems random. But what's wo…

Started by Traci HOOPlovely*

25 Dec 13, 2010
Reply by Traci HOOPlovely*

If you could change one thing....

I know that we are not supposed to dwell on the what-ifs or the "well if I would have done it that way..."s, but if you could change one th…

Started by spin gypsy of Centric Hoops*

41 Dec 13, 2010
Reply by katie ely


A HoopCity Book club!

I never have the time to read like I wish I could and the time I have slips away from me so quickly. t! There are always great books mentio…

Started by Kathryn

36 Dec 13, 2010
Reply by Kathryn

Best of Bootie Mashups

I love the Best of Bootie mashups. Launched in 2003 in San Francisco, Bootie was the first club night in the U.S. dedicated solely to the b…

Started by Caroleeena of Circles of Joy

10 Dec 13, 2010
Reply by Khaanee


Is anyone planning on going to Spin Off?

I live in BC, and a hoop/stuff camp in Alberta is the closest thing to me so I'm really thinking of going. Plus I really want to expand and…

Started by Sweet Sisi

3 Dec 12, 2010
Reply by Sweet Sisi


Got Dreads?

I've become fascinated.  I wanna'  see! Post a pic of you and your dreadlocked self, please!!

Started by Shelley "HoopyChick" Gilbertson

29 Dec 12, 2010
Reply by JayaLuna

The name game!

As an icebreaker in college, we always played the "name game" (or at least that is what we called it) You take the first letter of your fir…

Started by Kristin Marlowe

31 Dec 12, 2010
Reply by Tink (Taylor)


What is your favorite Christmas ornament this year

This one is mine.  My mom found it for me.  She even has red hair!  Definitely the best ornament I have gotten this year...or possibly ever…

Started by Stephanie Brown

6 Dec 12, 2010
Reply by Traci HOOPlovely*

Do you like to "be alone around people"?

I personally love going to parks,, cafe's or bars and just sitting by myself and writing. The only thing that throws me off is that people…

Started by Harlow [Hulacination Hoops]

3 Dec 12, 2010
Reply by Siren of the Circle*


if you could have anything in the whole wide world for christmas

Well, anything TANGIBLE, (That means not wishing your psycho ex boyfriend away or something... oh and money doesn't count either, it's too…

Started by Miss Texas

79 Dec 12, 2010
Reply by Lyssamarie

To all of you Christmas shoppers out there...

I work in retail, and it's pretty much killed any Christmas spirit I ever had. This is the 4'th Christmas I've worked at World Market and e…

Started by Jamie Brindley

34 Dec 11, 2010
Reply by Jamie Brindley


natural medicines?

hey hoopers   i just thought i'd post a discussion asking you ladies to share any type of natural remedies you have for any type of problem…

Started by Aurora

36 Dec 11, 2010
Reply by spin gypsy of Centric Hoops*


vacation spot advice

my boyfriend and i are looking for somewhere to go on vacation for the upcoming year and we're not sure WHERE?   where did you love going a…

Started by Aurora

6 Dec 11, 2010
Reply by Fleur de Hoops


Online Music Player!

Hello fellow hoopers :) I just wanted to share an internet music player that some people may not know about that I absolutley love! Its Gro…

Started by Samantha

4 Dec 11, 2010
Reply by Samantha


Never before heard HOOPING MUSIC!!!

so, my boyfriend is a dj/producer and has some new music that i would LOVE for you all to listen to!!   Please listen and tell me what you…

Started by Erin

4 Dec 11, 2010
Reply by Erin

a challenge!!! :)

Hey people,I'm thinking about how to start my hooping to music and I thought that maybe some random selection can be good,so...I decided to…

Started by Shay Kesem Sekler

12 Dec 11, 2010
Reply by Shay Kesem Sekler

A fun game to brighten the winter blues

I want to start a fun game to get everyone's mood up. The complement game :) It's easy just say something nice or something you like about…

Started by Samantha (Hoopalilly)

17 Dec 11, 2010
Reply by Tracy Tuckerson


Help me decide which festival

So I typically volunteer at a lot of shows and festivals over the year, especially summertime. So much fun :) However, this year my fiance…

Started by Kathryn

31 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Kathryn

Need music for hoop manipulation act...

Hey, I need your help. I need a song that isnt too techy, starts out slow and kinda spiritual, then slowly gets more intense, and at the en…

Started by Arsyn- Of the Exentrix

11 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Terra Firma

Hoop City dance party ya!

This is going to be awesome!  Post a 30 second video of yourself dancing SANS HOOP and post it here to make this the first Hoop City Dance…

Started by Scunshine

24 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Shelley "HoopyChick" Gilbertson


i did this at 6 this morning

Started by cindy conklin

5 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by cindy conklin

If you had the time or money who would you love?

If you had all the time in the world to make a gift for someone close to you, what would you make and who would you give it to? If you had…

Started by Moon Momma In Motion

8 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Kathryn

Wikileaks, and why it matters

I don´t know whether you guys have been following the story of Wikileaks. Even if you normally don´t care much about politics, please take…

Started by Eternal Voyageur

14 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Eternal Voyageur

Musicians on Hoop City

I know of one here, local lass who rocks at what she does (please feel free to make yourself knows, my South Island sister) but was wonderi…

Started by Richie 'Monkey Mooncalf' Isaacs

12 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Vis


What do you want to change?

What is something you would like to change? In yourself? In your community? In your family?Why do you want to change it? How could you go a…

Started by Satina

8 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Kristin Marlowe


Don't Do Online Surveys to Make You Money, or, Proceed With Caution

Not enough said.   I was asked to explain, so here it goes:   Not to say the person who inspired this discussion has bad intentions and thi…

Started by The Spin Jinny*

24 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by The Spin Jinny*


surveys for money?

my friend introduced me to this website where you sign up and it sends you surveys that you could possibly qualify for and get money for it…

Started by Aurora

26 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Aurora

Just Dubstep.

I hav a friend from high school that recently found me on facebook and saw that i liked hooping and electronic music. She came over and she…

Started by Brittany Noel

21 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Erin

Spending more time on Hoopcity recently?

I seem to find myself on Hoopcity a lot and I think the very first day it was because of the motivation for 12 days of Christmas but now I…

Started by Trish

13 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Trish


Attn: Collegiate Hoopers

Hey Collegiate Hoopers! The high stress of finals have arrived for those of us wrapping up another semester in college, perhaps some of you…

Started by Kathryn

7 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Kathryn


Holiday Treats

So the holidays are coming and I'm already thinking about all the delicious food. Wondering what everyone's traditional holiday treats are.…

Started by Miss Texas

31 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Miss Texas


BBC thinks we're stupid

BBC estimates that most people have only read 6 of the books on this list, maybe most of you have seen it before but I'm interested to see…

Started by Miss Texas

89 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by Stacey - Girl on Fire


lastfm hoopers

any of you lovely ladies or gents have a lastfm?   add me pls, i love lurking peoples pages to see what i can download next :)     http://w…

Started by Aurora

5 Dec 10, 2010
Reply by funky mag!

Christmas! How do you celebrate?

I'm from the UK and my Mum was born in Austria so i grew up celebrating Christmas with an Austrian tradition. The whole family would get to…

Started by Carly Parkin

6 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Brutal Jim


Wedding Planning Help

Hello you beautiful hoopers! My fiance and I are getting married on April 30, 2011!  Woo, big day!  The problem tho is that I am not much o…

Started by Nicky B

17 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Siren of the Circle*


OMG! You have to check out these dancers

I watched Conan last night and at the end of the show they had dancers from the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, Okay, for…

Started by Sassy Hoops

2 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by HealthyHoopers

Dry Skin, Cold Weather, Calluses

As cold weather sets in, I find my skin is so dry, and I am starting to develop calluses on my hands. I have tried a lot of different thing…

Started by Sarah "Dwiizie"

24 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Snowflake



Hi fellow hoopers! I am working on a project for my art class, and it's a big installation piece...since I'm making it very personal, I'm a…

Started by Stephanie the Incendiary Faerie*

11 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Lindsey Rae

The one song you just can't help singing along to?

there's always a few songs that strike something in me like a match and i just HAVE to learn the lyrics or sing along if i know it. i was…

Started by Mo

19 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Mo

TED talks: probably the best online resource ever

I´m a big fan, does anyone else know it ?  "Ideas worth spreading" is the tag line of TED, a platform for anyone with an idea. They host c…

Started by Eternal Voyageur

6 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Kathryn

Hooping 4 Lennon: 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death

Hey hoopers. 30 years ago today a man died. just a man. but a man that installed the idea of peace within the world. John Lennon, he was a…

Started by Regan Moonchild

17 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Khaanee


What are your plans for Christmas day?

Our plans haven't completely firmed up yet, but we will definitely be in town. We moved back 'home' a couple years ago and it's so nice not…

Started by Paula (hoopaula) Hamblin

12 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Anput

Christmas Trivia!!!!

Who was the father of Rudolph the red nose reindeer?

Started by Regan Moonchild

6 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Paula (hoopaula) Hamblin

Music Lovin Hoop Dancers

We all share hooping in common, but I was wondering how similar our taste I music are. I thought it would be fun to share our favorite 5 ba…

Started by Moon Momma In Motion

12 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by tiffany barnes

Ultra anyone?

Is anyone going to Ultra Music Fest in Miami this year? I already bought my ticket and I'm super duper pumped. The only thing really bummin…

Started by Mary Helwig

5 Dec 9, 2010
Reply by Christina Brittain

Starting a hoop day?

So, I was thinking of starting a hoop day in this park in my town. The thing is I don't know how to or how to get people to know about it.…

Started by MagicFlame

3 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by Strawberry Twist

How to cope with going through a divorce with a young one

just found out my husband of 7 years has been having different feelings about our marriage. even cheated on me with some random chick he me…

Started by SeaStar*

3 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by Allyssa


Favourite Christmas Movie?

Do you guys have a favourite Christmas movie? I want to start watching some soon. I looove the Charlie Brown Christmas one, Home Alone #1 (…

Started by Missina Lee

13 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by j drake

What's your morning routine?

Hello everyone :D What sort of things do you do in the morning to start your day? I have to admit, I'm not the best when it comes to mornin…

Started by Scunshine

50 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by FernGirly

hey guys... hoop clothes?

so guys... what do you wear when you hoop?

Started by doc

7 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by Brutal Jim


Help... I've lost the rhythm!!

I've hooped to everything. From Bassnectar to Lykke Li to First Aid Kit to Phish to the Grateful Dead and beyond... way beyond. I've hit a…

Started by Marina Colleen Mackay

18 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by Brutal Jim


Lovely Language

Curious to know if hoopers are linguistic :) Do you speak another language? What is your native language? Are you learning a language righ…

Started by Miss Texas

20 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by Kathryn

Need Some Help With my Speech on Why People should go to Music Festivals

Okay So I know all the obvious reasons but I have to give a nine minute speech convincing people to go to a music festival. I have to use 6…

Started by Nikki Osier

7 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by mindy


Hooping discussions and eating disorders

This post appeared in my journal earlier because it's primarily about my personal experience, but I would really like to get feedback about…

Started by smallb4trees

11 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by smallb4trees


College Decisions! Ahh

So Im coming to the point where I need to start deciding where I really want to go to college, I will say I am applying so far to College O…

Started by Emily Johnston

9 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by Scunshine


Photoshop these hoopers.

This page was recently brought to my attention and I still can't stop laughing.  People to the time to photoshop the photo of Spiral and I.…

Started by Rich

12 Dec 8, 2010
Reply by Gina


The Rothbury Incident!

Hey there Friends of Cheese, Billy recently said in an interview that they will be putting on a festival at the Rothbury site with multiple…

Started by Alli Rae

25 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Caroline Hosey "Starphish"

Be Yourself. Nobody else will.

Hey Hooper friends, I turn 28 today and have had lots and lots of time (28 years actually!) to reflect on the person I want to be in the wo…

Started by Shakti Sunfire

2 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by elizabeth molino


Whats your faviorite holiday food?

What's the food you can't live without over the holiday season? I'm rather partial to mince pies, we used to bake them with my nan and mum…

Started by Jenni

11 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Traci HOOPlovely*


The Coolest Muscial Instrument EVER!

Dood okay so I came across the UFO instrument.. absolutely remarkable, a drum with guitar harmonics...oh yes, i said that.. annnnddd dude…

Started by AmaraZingara

27 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by AmaraZingara


Favorite Christmas Traditons

For as long as i can remember my brothers and i were allowed to open one gift on christmas eve, we were never allowed to pick which one. My…

Started by Jaclyn

4 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Jaclyn


hello... my name is christina and im trying to find other hoopers in VA!! i currently live in Chesapeake with my hubby and 3 dogs. I love m…

Started by Hoopaholic

4 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Lyssamarie

Letting go and moving forward:) new years goals, affirmations!

Thanks Safire for creating the discussion about the last thing we cried about, because I always have a hard time talking about sad things,…

Started by Moon Momma In Motion

2 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Moon Momma In Motion

beautiful animation amazing music.

in love with all this =

Started by Christina Brittain

1 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Christina Brittain

Hoopers in the UK

Hi everyone, I've recently just joined SaFire, since getting totally addicted to hooping over the last few months. I was just wondering if…

Started by Holly Oakland

1 Dec 7, 2010
Reply by Amelia "Fyrefly" Greenwood


New Hoop City Design!

Hey guys! I've been working on a new site design with another designer for awhile and we're launching it today! There will be some changes…

Started by SaFire*

25 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by SugaWolf (HoopinRenegade)


Hooping with Music....Letting the Music Guide You

I've been hooping for about five months now. And I feel like I have trouble letting the music guide me in order to hoop with the music. I'v…

Started by Kim Cuppett

10 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by Ron Starr



Just curious, I saw a status update - "Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite all your friends to…

Started by keri-marie ~Kandi Hoops*

22 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by Elizabethcisneros


the best/worst gift you've recieved for Christmas/hannukah/winter solstice

Now no gift is ever "bad" really, because essentially it's the thought that counts.. and we should always be grateful that we are lucky eno…

Started by Miss Texas

62 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by Rachel Bond

Where do you buy your "hippie" threads and accessories?

I am not steriotyping anyone on the site, but i noticed that a lot of the female hoopers wear cute tanks and twirly skirts and i think they…

Started by Jennifer Riehl

27 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by Pixxy Haze

Have you ever been felt envious, only to realize that others envied you too?

I have always been a pudgy person. I used to look at skinny girls and wish so hard that I was them, or that I had their body, or for "boys…

Started by Sarah "Dwiizie"

5 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by Behoopd


Politics and Hooping

I'm just curious, are most hoopers lefties or righties... Are you Democratic or Republican? Are you independant? Other? If you are not an A…

Started by Miss Texas

29 Dec 6, 2010
Reply by Miss Texas

where would you live/ travel to?

So lets say you fall into some money and wanted to pack up and leave whether it be for vacation or forever where would it be? If I moved…

Started by Sara Emm

14 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Alli Rae

Any runners?

I want to start running but it's getting cold outside, it already snowed once. So I need suggestions on what to wear while running outside…

Started by Circadia

5 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Circadia

Is anyone else into slam poetry?

because i'm in this slam poetry club in school and might be starting a hoop club I wish there was a way to infuse both. anyone else into…

Started by Mo

4 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Caroleeena of Circles of Joy

Christmas Hoopmix

Hi everyone, Thought I'd share this Christmas mix that I put together last year for our Hoop class. Some old tunes re-vamped, and some new…

Started by Seagurrl

1 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by shimarella*

Handmade Gifts

This year for Christmas I'd like to give my family handmade gifts. I'm kind of stuck on what to do, though. I've already made hoops for eve…

Started by Amanda B

54 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Amanda B


Graphic Designer Funny This is probably one of the funniest things I have see…

Started by Ashley Davis

7 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by GlowBunny

Hobby ideas?

Hello Hoopers! So I need some ideas for a cheap hobby. I am making scrapbooks and my own cookbook. However, I have lots of time to fill. So…

Started by Terra Firma

16 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Shelley "HoopyChick" Gilbertson



yay for the first day of snow... closer and closer to the aphelion now :) whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooose first day of snow is…

Started by AmaraZingara

52 Dec 5, 2010
Reply by Caseface


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