I am attempting to tape my first hoops and struggling! I bought 1" metallic tape and I can't get a simple spiral without bubbles and wrinkles. All the videos I've watched show thinner tape, which seems easier. I really don't want to have to return this, or buy more. Can anyone give me some tips or point me to a video that uses wider tape? Thanks!!!

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There are a few variables that could be causing the bubbles.  Does the tape have backing or is it just backed on to itself?  What size is the tubing you are trying to tape?  Are you trying to tape it so that it is only metallic or are you going to be adding a gaffer tape as well?  

All the metallic tape I use is 1 inch.  I've tried using the two inch and I personally didn't like it at all.  

The metallic tape that does not have backing caused me tons of grief and I will never buy it again.  It is much thinner and more difficult to use than metallic tape that has backing.  

If I'm trying to tape 1/2 inch super pex, I have a more difficult time smoothing out the tape, but it's not impossible.

Trying to tape it so that it is all metallic and no gaffer can also make it trickier to eliminate  bubbles.  

Hopefully this helps you out.  If you are using 1 inch on a larger size hoop, it may just be that you need a bit more practice to get your technique down.  

Good luck! 

Thinner is easier to tape with. What I do is use my dominate hand to wrap the tape and my left thumb to press it down as I wrap. If it messes up then I untape the bubble and tape it again till I get it. It just takes a lot of practice and patience to lay it right.  Depending on how you are taping it makes it easier to do. Like spiraling or doing bands of metallic tape. If your trying to tape the whole hoop just one color it's more difficult. Overall taping with metallic/holographic tape is hard and no matter how hard you try bubbles happen. If you can't get it completely bubble free it's not big deal.


Also Metallic/ holographic tape is sensitive to heat so if you start to get the sticky tape residue (from non backing tape) stop taping and let it set int the fridge for 30 min.s then go back to taping.

It may take you a few hoops of working with it to start getting it more smooth. It just takes practice, really. Here's my advice.


1) Start by using some less expensive mirror tape to learn how it acts when taping.

2) Your first couple hoops with it are probably going to be off and a bit bubbly. It's ok. Use them as beater hoops or gift them to people. I gave my first couple metallic taped hoops to my nieces because they were practice hoops for the tape.

3) If you're using the non-backed metallic tape, it's easiest to get it on flat (or mostly flat) if you tape straight from the roll and hold it out really taut as you tape it. This will help the tape lay down flat.

4) If you're using backed metallic tape, it's easiest to work with it you cut it in sections and work with a few feet at a time. With this type of tape you can hold the tape in your dominant hand and simply press it onto the hoop with your free hand and it should go on decently smooth. If I'm taping a hoop completely with backed metallic, I use the technique I described in 3, because it allows me to overlap the tape edges easier.

I'll see if I can do a video on what I'm talking about in all these in the next day or two! Hope the info you get in the meantime helps! Just keep practicing. It's frustrating, but keep trying. We've all ruined big pieces of pricey tape at one point or another. :)

this is an ebay seller i buy tape from all the time. She has fast shipping, great communication and great prices for the amount of tape you get ( 25ft= 1 hoop, she sells 30ft or 60 ft which is enough for 1-2 hoops.) If you buy in bulk (or catch her on a good day) she will give you a roll of tape for free :).



*She is currently having a sale, most of her tapes have no backing but if you want backing just ask I'm sure she can help you.

Hi Martika (& anyone else who prefers the tape like this)- you may be interested in our new listing here: http://discounthoopsupply.com/eshop/10Expand.asp?ProductCode=PAPERLESS


And we added some new tapes & designs- with more coming in about 3 weeks.  Full store view here: 






It's so funny how each person has a different experience.  I tape my hoops without cutting my metallic tape.  I simply wind it around as I go.  I'm a bit OCD though and knowing I had cut the shiny tape would bug me.  >nerd<  lol

Do you have any youtube clips of you doing this by chance?  I don't like cutting mine either but if I don't it all unwinds and gets all twisted and a huge mess :-( and i find it harder to keep it going evenly around that way too.

No, I don't have any videos of me doing this. I will wind it around five times,then tape that sections of hoop, then coil it five more times, or so, again. It lets me tape. Smoothly and quickly as I go. If I ever get a free minute.... I will make one, but it probably won't be in the near future. If you have Skype or FaceTime, we could do hat. I need to tape some on Monday if you are free. They are five piece sectionals, but you will still get the idea.
Thanks so much, where are u and what time? I'll check out the time difference (I'm in nz)

I can do it anywhere between 9am and 1pm tomorrow.  I'm Mountain Standard Time.  Same as Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  9am is in 13.5 hours from now.  :)  I'll friend you so you can find me.  Cheers!

Yeah I just tape straight from the roll and every once in a while I have to stop and unwind the tape from the hoop, which is the most time consuming part IMO. It's a lot easier having someone help you unwind the tape from the rest of the hoop as you're laying it on. Most of the time I'll get my SO to do that part while we sit on the couch watching Netflix. It makes me feel like those ladies who bring their knitting stuff wherever they go and just knit. Haha.

i don't cut backed tape either, simply because cutting it gives it more chances to peel up :)


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