I was wondering who was heading to the Mountain next week. I will be teaching a beginner to advance hula hoop workshop every day at 12, I'll also be performing here & there. I was also wondering if there was a certain thing someone wanted to learn. 


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So happy someone on here will be going! I can't wait I'm so excited! I am definitly going to try to make it to one of the hoop workshops! I would really love to learn more isolation tricks.  All I really know is the basic one.  But anything and any tips will be great! I'll be sure to introduce myself and we can maybe hang out for some Yonder!

Yes indeed, if you see me around feel free to stop me for a chat :)
I was so bummed as I missed every hoop class. Amazing time at Harvest! Looking forward to next year :)
I made it to one! It was a lot of fun and harvest is the best festival!


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