A little help: Starting a Performance Career, check out my audition footage :)

Hi Hoopers,


My name is Mihaela DuVal, I started hooping in the beginning of May 2010, I'm an aspiring Circus Artist with a background in rhythmic gymnastics. I have plans to join up with company in Vancouver as soon as possible. Where  I can continue to practice Contortion, begin Aerial training, hoops, ect and begin my performing career.

I grew up in small Red Deer, Alberta, where I have been an independent solo artist (Contortionist) and street performer since 2006, but there is no place in this city to seek professional circus training to learn more and practice safely.

I'm still here without the funds to move yet. So I entered this dance contest YoungFreeAlberta is hosting with the chance to win 4,000 for submitting this video and getting the most votes. Winning this contest would mean so much for me because it would get me to a moved out to a city where I can train properly and grow as a performing artist.


If you have a moment right now if you've checked out my first  dance/hooping video,  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GDC013CP9g  if you like it, please click the link to www.youngfreealberta.com/dance and vote for me, I'm video number 27 ;)  It only takes 10 seconds, and would be so much appreciated! :)  Every vote counts, it would make such a difference! Please and thank you!

Share it, let me know what you think, I really want to take it to the stage!


Hope you enjoy the video :)

Namaste, Happy Hooping <3

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Voting now and subscribing as well (will log into my hoop channel after I sub with my guitar channel)
Voted! I loved that video, you're so talented :D
Voted! Rock on girl!
i voted for you! very beautiful  good luck!
Thanks everyone so much! :D
Gorgeous pictures! You are very talented.
you are beautiful my dear! voting right now.. good luck, namaste<33
voted :) that was amazing... love your moves, so talented. good luck!
Wow! You are flexible!! Great video! Good luck on the competition. Btw, I'm from Red Deer and always looking for a space to hoop. If you are looking for people to join you or know of a space, please do share. =)

Again, Good luck!
That was an amazing video, girl!!  I loved at the end where you got the whole crew hooping; perfect ending.  You are very talented.  **Voted**  I wish you lots of luck :).  Peace.
wow you're awesome! voted for you, got my fingers crossed for ya. love that you're goin for your dream!


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