You know those yoga pants that flare out at the bottom and some of these pants have a little mini skirt attached to them? theyre super cute and i would love a pair but unfortunally my budget isnt allowing me so right now, plus i would love to try and make my own. does anyone know where i cant purchase a pattern to make my own??

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I second this....I'd love to get my hands on a pattern, handmade yoga/dance clothes are way to expensive for my budget at the moment! have flare out pants that are under $50 :0)

From experience they are extremely hard to make.


But, what you CAN do is recycle clothing. Take a pair of yoga pants and cut a slit in each leg, and add a triangle of fabric to make a huge flare. There are numerous flare pants tutorials of this nature that I have seen, and I haven't seen them all.


I'd make the overskirt separate, then you can wear it over whatever pants you'd like! I have a knockoff pair of those bellydancer flare/skirt pants and I separated them so I can just wear the pants, or wear the skirt with something else!


Happy crafting!

I didn't find a pattern yet but I found this add. Wow...these babies are expensive huh?

I thought this was a good idea to make a separate skirt and leg flairs. If you put them over existing leggings you could mix and match your skirts and legs to match whatever mood your in! You would get more for your money!

Good luck!

So here I found a pattern for the pants but no skirt. If you have any experience sewing I would just try to make something up without a pattern. Oviously the skirt will have more panels then the legs and the legs would need to be longer than the skirt. I bet you could come up with something awsome! Post pics if you make some!

i have a pattern for an amazing pair of hooperish pants...they are not the skirt ones but you might love them. Iliano wear is the company, they recently stopped producing clothing but they were generous enough to post their patterns online...check the sprout pants out here, if only i could sew i would have made these by now!


patterns here


looks like that link doesnt take you where i thought it would then 3rd paragraphy down click on 'patterns here' god i love these pants! lol

i made my body suit and yoga pants from these patterns. works great!
check the library for a book called "Generation T beyond Fashion: 120 new ways to transform a t-shirt" by megan nicolay. On pg 69 there is a pattern for gaucho pants it covers how to do them as shorts and pants..pretty cool upcycle some old t-shirts, and you will have yourself some cheap hooping pants :D I forgot I had that book!
i found a picture tutorial for you by someone that made them here
thanks everyone for your help, i have the idea of how i can make them but with all this information you all gave me i mos defiantly will try and work something out! im determined to whip up some sewing magic and fun!! >:D you all are awesome and if i make some soon i'll post pics!! <3
I have made my own pair with LITTLE sewing background.  Go to and find the "yoga pants" tutorial, but modify the pattern so that the lower leg has a flar.  Do do this, you will also need each leg to be two panels of fabric, rather than one as in the tutorial.  Do create a flair, use the "circle skirt theory".  From the area below the outside of the knee, draw a line straight out to the side that is equal to the distance to the floor. (perpendicular to your calf)  Draw a quarter-circle to connect this outstretched line to the floor to create flare.  It looks funny as a pattern but falls nicely when worn.


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