I just read on facebook that Hoopnotica will be selling their travel hoops in 5000 CVS stores across the country. I know I should be happy for their success and that the hoop love will be spread to even more people, but as a hoop-crafter I can't help but be a little disappointed about this. I hate that I feel this way, but I have been working on starting my own Etsy shop to sell my hoops, and this is discouraging me a little. How do you guys feel about this?

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You should check this out, i feel like this thread really changed my perspective on selling.


thank you Martika, that is really what I needed. I just got a little panicky when I saw that on fb. I know its silly!

I just started my business this past month and felt a little worried for a while but after reading this i know i needed to put it out my mind and just focus on what i'm doing and work on my plans for the future.

*this thread is also good for performers

I was thinking about starting this topic too. I'm not as worried about people with their businesses, I think people will appreciate handcrafted hoops over mass-produced ones. I'm happy because it will expose a lot of people to the hoop that may have never thought about it before. There is more worry from me about hooping becoming more mainstream than hoop love. On one hand its happy to show people the hoop, but also, I worry that the hoop love mentality is very deeply rooted with those that found the hoop and fell in love with it and have a deep connection. We use it spiritually, meditatively, expressively... its for fun, its for dance, its for fitness. I'm afraid of the whole "fitness trend" thing. Not that people hooping for fitness aren't hoopers, its just that to a lot of us, the hoop is so much more than a workout. I get asked a lot when I'm seen hooping if I'm "working out" or "getting my exercise" yes and no.... I am getting exercise, but first and foremost I am hoop dancing. I always just smile and nod, but there is an inner twinge to want to get snippy about it. I try so hard to think of the great things this could bring, more hoopers, enlightenment for some people who may find themselves hoopsessed before they even know it. It will make people who don't have local hoop makers have an easy travel hoop option. It will bring awareness to hooping. But its also like how everyone got into furbies for a while, and beanie babys, and robohamsters, and gigapets, and each little trendy thing, and it always passes over leaving a mound of garbage behind it. I don't want this just to be the next thing, and have a zillion people everywhere, only to have it fall off a year later. A lot of hooping relies on optical illusions and certain things to make fairly simple tricks look very cool and new and interesting to the onlooker. If everyone does it, there are no more onlookers. They can watch a flawless beam me up, and instead of ooos and ahs, you'd get "anyone can do that, I learned it last year, hooping is over with now, they need to get a rainbow skateboard, now THATS cool now"

I also look at people that have been hooping forever, like one lady's video I saw this morning, I looked at her profile, she had been hooping for 8 years. She was hooping long before youtube tutorials, online information, popularization, and she'll be hooping for long after. The art takes time, dedication, practice, trial and error, and honestly, a LOT of money sometimes!!! The random hooper, or the "for the cool" hooper doesn't have the drive to follow through with any of these things (except sometimes the money if they've got it like that) I am happy for hooping gaining attention and popularity, and it could increase performer's chances of getting hired for events after being more easily recognizeable.

There was a forum about how someone was so disappointed in Hoopnotica Travel Hoop Quality. That could deter people from buying from "local" hoop makers, thinking a hoop is a hoop. Read it here: http://www.hooping.org/groups/the-hoop-community/forum/topic/hoop-c...

There is also a story about Rayna McInturf and her separation from Hoopnotica. I can't help but draw my own conclusions as to why the original co-founders left the company, leaving it in the hands of "the investor" You can read that one here: http://www.hooping.org/2010/12/rayna-mcinturf-life-after-hoopnotica...

As with all things, there will be good and bad, and it all equals out I suppose. I am just going to look the other way I think. I felt the same way when Dr. Scholls put the foldable shoes out into CVS everywhere. They were originally the design and idea of two college girls with a sprawled campus and a thing for stilettos. I think they were originally called CitiSoles, now they're calling them City Slips http://www.cityslips.com/index.php. I hope they aren't getting run under by Dr. Scholls and CVS. Yargh :)

as a new hooper i would love to be able to try different sized hoops without paying for shipping  however the size I will stick with for a while, yeah i want it homemade, to look pretty & be more personalized. Hoops are be so diverse i think its beautiful however when your just starting it can overwhelming. I have spent so much dang thought into what I want my first real hoop to look like I haven't bought one yet. lol I was super gun ho about making one but there no where around me that I know of that sells materials. the hoop I'm using now was given to me and i was just thankful , now I'm beginning to be super picky lol

Laura, have you looked at Lowes or Home depot? That is where I get most of my supplies. The tubing is cheaper at home depot btw.

the one home depot had was really flexible it wasn't the right stuff. I read lowes is not carrying it anymore on hoppcity but they are opening a lowe's in covina so I'm going to try there.

I don't know how this will affect my business.  I guess we'll just have to wait it out and see.  I am wondering if this is why the store that carries my hoops has asked me not to restock... and they are below the threshold that I always restock at.   (I don't know what CVS is).

At any rate, congrats to them!  They must have worked hard to be able to be carried in stores.  It takes a lot of red tape to do this.   This could be great news for anyone that teaches.

hey i bought one from cvs cause i was buying Christmas stuff it was the last one on the shelf. Its really big like 42 inch but can become a 37 inch which i think is to small so now i know i want a 39 0r a 38 for now. i'm going to lowes in the middle of month( payday) i decided to keep the cvs one if anyone at work wants to try or until i get lowes to make one it is much lighter than my other( 40 inch) hoop i like that. so now i know the weight i like, the size i like, now i just need to find the pattern that I love  and make or buy it. when i can hoop with the 36 inch i will buy a led that my goal.
CVS is the American equivalent to Shoppers Drug Mart for you Canadians :)    Good point about it being good news for teachers.  Although I haven't had anyone come one of my classes that's purchased one - yet.
I think a good point as well is that Hoopnotica only has 2 colours that their hoops come in. That might change with more sales, but think of the variety hoop crafters offer that Hoopnotica doesn't stand a chance against.

I think Hoopnotica's distribution is going to be a huge plus for all the hoop makers out there.

Consider that after they learn on this hoop they're going to want something a little smaller, lighter and more personalized.  The more people that buy the Hoopnotica Hoop, the more business it will bring to the private hoop makers.  Start advertising your product!  People will be looking around for other hoopers in their area and they will see the variety of sizes and colors out there.


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