I've been searching for the perfect l.e.d but I've been burned with cheap hoops and want to know if anyone knows an awesome l.e.d. Hoop site. I want just an all white strobe hoop. I saw a girl at electric forest but hers was an atomic astral. Don't get me wrong I'd LOVE one but it's super expensive! Any ideas?

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funny, was just about to suggest the atomic! good luck with your search!

i still recommend astral hoops. You dont have to get the atomic they have really nice leds and im sure they can make you an all white one. My hoop from astral is  white and every fourth led is violet I love it! and their hoops are collapsible! Happy hunting and also check this out..


 astral isnt on there but they have some kick ass hoops at a good price.

check out moodhoops. I have spectrum it looks white till you move it, the colors show up at high speeds. It was $153 with shipping and haven't had a problem with it yet it. Moodhoops has a 6 month warranty and great customer service. I received my hoop the same week I bought it.
Thanks you guys! That really helped out!

moodhoops can do custom hoops now. they have a white light that looks like a strobe while in motion, but when it's still, it does not strobe

they also have a white sparkle:

That is amazing!! Thanks for the pic uploads I love being able to see the pictures!!
Any time! I LOVE moodhoops! can't say enough good things about them, I already have a 38", and a pair of minis, and I'm working on a custom by them right now, too!! They have the best customer service, and you can find their "custom" page here: http://moodhoops.com/custom/ :)


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