I am interested in getting a few aluminum circus hoops...anyone used these before? I know that they are VERY loud when they hit each other but not sure how they are as far as flexibility, weight or grip? thanks:)

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i have had a few.  i don't really like them, but it is definitely a matter of personal preference.  they are heavy and cold to the touch (i suppose they would be warm if they had been lying in the sun, but that rarely happens for mine).  they are not flexible at all, which makes them very responsive, but the responsiveness of the rigidity is counterbalanced by the heft of the hoop.  the diameter of the material itself is quite small, so it feels quite different than any 1/2" tubing.  getting a grip on the hoop takes a little bit of getting used to, but i actually kind of like it.  however, i don't like the feeling of the metal.  i am a person who is very sensitive to things like the feeling of pewter (ick!), and while the aluminum isn't as bad as pewter, there is something very unfriendly about the tactile sensation.  you already mentioned the worst part:  the sound.  i think the scraping and clanging when they touch each other acts as a repellent for me.  i have rarely multi-hooped with them for that reason.  i've listed a bunch of negatives, but i do think they LOOK pretty, and they definitely provide a different hooping experience.  Even though they are skinny, they feel quite substantial.  They give you a lot of feedback about where they are rolling on your body without being quite as heavy as a 160 psi hoop.  I hope this information helps :)


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