Does anyone have any advice for riding the Amtrak with hoops? I'm riding it for the first time this fall and I want to bring my LED and some day hoops with me but Idk what security is like or anything like that. I've never flown with my hoops either so I'm generally clueless about traveling with hoops(LEDs or not) other than a car.  I can coil them for sure but I would rather not.  I've got a four hour layover and I'm hoping to get some hooping in during that time so I don't really want to put it in my bag. <I dont know if checking it is even a good idea anyway. 

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If you are bringing full sized hoops, check them in. I bring my hoops on trains in Japan, where there is no luggage checking, and trust me I am the most annoying rider. Hoops do not fit anywhere well. They roll around and fall over unless constantly in hand. Not such a big deal on a 45 minute cross-Tokyo commute. Not fun on a long Amtrak trip.

Carry one with you coiled down and hoop with that during your layover.

If you can't check them, tie them together to make them one unit instead of a bunch of hoops with minds of their own :P

I dont think you have much to worry about. I go everywhere with my hoops and ive been on the amtrak with my hoops. They don't really care. If you can collapse them I would recommend it. 


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