I started off as a contact juggler (please no david bowie or fushigi comments :P) and that introduced me to the world of object manipulation however I felt like I was doing alot of standing or sitting there juggling, and not enough dancing, which is what led me to hooping since Im a dancer by nature. Now Im looking to mesh the two. Does anyone here hoop and CJ at the same time? I tried and its very difficult...

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I think I have a video of Spiral doing that at the Hoop Convergence showcase thinggy this year.  I just saw this as I was walking out the door, but I'll try to upload it this evening when I get back from class and I'll link it to you if she's hooping and using the ball in tandem. <3
I do contact juggling and hooping together on occasion but have found that it always limits my movement with one or the other.  I'm still working on developing a new way of moving to include both.  I've found that contact staff and hooping mesh much better!  There are so many fun options that still allow you to dance.
Oh heck yeah we juggle! http://youtu.be/TUy-2sBVwt4


 I also started as a CJer, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone mix the two well, they just need different ways of moving, and one always suffers.

But why do you think contact and dance don't mix? All the best contact juggling I've seen was at least 50% dance...

If you haven't already seen it, you might be interested in watching a YouTube video featuring Gina Shvartsman Cristiani, a world-renowned professional juggler and circus performer. The video's title is "Juggler Cirque de Demain 1998 Gina Shvartsman Cristiani." Although what she does is not really contact juggling (it's bouncing a ball off her forehead while doing some hooping tricks), it's still worth viewing just to see what can be accomplished with two objects that behave very differently. The ball moves in a linear fashion, whereas the hoop's motion is circular. My background is also juggling, and it was this particular video that inspired me to take up hooping. (The hoop segment comes on at the 2 minute mark.)           Regards, Simon


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