I have been hooping for about a year now and have been thinking A LOT about buying a fire hoop.  I've never fire hooped, but I imagine I would absolutely love it and it would take me to a whole new level of hooping.  I have been doing a lot of research on different kinds of fire hoops (if you have any suggestions about what kind to buy, please share!) and all the safety precautions that one must take and in the midst, I've read a lot about how much hoopers are loving their fire hoops and the experience.  So my question is this - has anyone ever tried fire hooping and NOT liked it?  If so, why? 


Thanks & HAPPY HOOPING! <3

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I wouldn't say I don't like fire hooping, but my style is such that I do a lot of breaks, rolls, and other moves where the outside of the hoop comes in contact with my body a lot...so I find that when I fire hoop I change my style drastically and it doesn't feel as organic and natural and freeing as regular hooping. I do enjoy the rush I get from fire hooping, and there is something really fascinating about connecting with fire in that way, (not to mention that its a freakin show-stopper) but I don't think I'll ever feel the way about firehooping as I do when rock out with my LED hoop or my regular hoop.
Oh, and I made my own fire hoop which was a pretty awesome experience in itself, but if I had to recommend one I'd say definitely synergy quick wicks or one of their fire hoops.

Hugs and hoops!
I just got my Quick Wicks a few weeks ago! i love them! :)
I totally agree with Kristi.  It's a different feeling.  I feel very comfortable fire hooping, but I can't fire hoop the same way I hoop.  It's just a different style.  I love it, don't get me wrong.  But if in some bizarre and pretty much impossible circumstance that I had to chose ONE kind of hooping for the rest of my life, I'd chose regular hooping :-P
I agree with Kristi. My style is more suited for regular/LED hoops but I do enjoy fire hooping. The fire hoop is much more limiting.  It is almost like an entirely different prop, definitely more so than any other practice vs fire prop
I also made my own fire hoop & would recommend it :)

With practice you can do anything you put your mind to. I do breaks/reversals, back/front rolls, foot hooping, throws etc. It does help to use less wicks(4-5 for these moves) so you have more space between the wicks for grabbing or breaking your hoop. Practicing with your hoop unlight is the best way to get comfortable with your fire hoop before trying tricks you do with your normal hoop.


I spend an equal amount of time in my fire hoop unlight that I do with my normal hoop. I think thats why you don't feel like it's natural because your not use playing with it.

true.  i definitely don't use my fire hoop anywhere near as much as i use my regular hoop.

There are some things you simply can't do with a fire  hoop. 

sliding your hand around the length of the hoop for illusory movements, for example, you have to open palm at some point which, stylistically, I find displeasing.

Mika, how do you do eagle/chest rolls with fire?!  Chest I can imagine, cause there's ways to toss the hoop across rather than roll it... But with an eagle roll?  That's intense!
Awesome! I've been wondering for a while now if you can do front/back rolls with the fire hoop since I do them a ton in my regular hooping. So I guess the weight of the hoop rolling across your shoulders isn't enough to permanently kink the wicks? A friend of mine is of the opinion that you should be able to do any trick on fire that you can do not on fire (with some modification to account for the wicks).
So I got my fire hoop together and gave it a try and YES, it is no problem what so ever to do back and chest rolls with the fire hoop. The wicks touch you so little on these moves that it doesn't burn you or hurt the wicks at all. I didn't get to see myself, but the people watching said it looked awesome :)


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