I randomly came across a video of a lady using a levi stick, and I started to wonder if it could be done on fire *pyro* lol. So I searched online and lo and behold, trickconcepts.com has a fire wand!


I'm not 100% sure if they're the same thing, but I was wondering if any others on Hoop City had done the levi stick or fire wand. I really want to try it out, but I can't find any tutorials or anything online. If anyone has done this, what are your experiences with it?

Thanks in advance, hoopers!

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The fire one from trick concepts my partner purchased is kind of wierd, the design may have been altered since this one is from when they first became available. It never really felt right but then again neither of us are very good at it. It is being gifted to someone more proficient to see if he can work with it.  I don't really suggest it for someone just starting with the levistick, but maybe we just sucked .  I am looking forward to revisiting the wand and getting to take a class at wildfire.

I know that levi stick looks great but its so simple.... You really cannot do very much. Better you start poi or something else you will have much more fun with it ;) Levi stick is just a really simple toy (from my view as a juggler...)

If you find something really cool to do with it tell me - it would interest me really much


I have only very limited experience with my levi stick, but I liked when I was messing around with it.  I did find many tutorials either, mostly I looked on UTube and would study the video clips from that.  that was two years ago, but now there are so many more on there.  Good luck.  I really have to get back at it and hooping too.




I've played with Levi Stick. They're SO MUCH easier than hoop. The theory is just this: start the wand straight up, and then don't mess it up. By which I mean, don't hit the wand, either with your body OR with the string. When you swing around the wand, make sure to move the string AROUND the wand, rather than trying to go right through it. There are tutorials on Home of Poi (also, for many other toys as well): http://www.homeofpoi.com/lessons_all/teach

You can get Levi Sticks from all over the place. Flow Toys sells some, including the "Flow Wand", which is beautiful, well balanced, and much heavier than normal wand (so it's easier to keep it upright). Also, Home of Poi sells a bunch of different sizes of wands (I really want to play with some of their heavier ones).

I've also played with a fire one from Salza (both ends have wicks). It was really terrifying playing with it while on fire. No kidding, it's trickier to balance when it's burning off the fuel. Also, if I tried to stall it behind my back, and failed, and it got caught between my legs, I nearly set myself on fire. It's also REALLY hot, so it's hard to hold it for long. Be sure you're really good at catching and releasing quickly if you tumble it. It's even more scary to have a flaming wand tumbling around uncontrollably. I also had a pair of gloves on while I was playing with it, just to keep my hands from being too hot. I'd really like to make a pair from Nomex.

There's also long string flow wand (if you buy the baby swivels from Flow Toys it comes with extra string), which is SO FUN, but much more difficult. For an example of it, look here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rgBkZ_XWEE . Long string is the length from one hand to the other when your arms are stretched out. Because there's so much more string to deal with, there's even more obstacles you have to avoid hitting. I found it really useful to fold the string over between each hand to shorten it when I needed. I've also heard that it's similar to rope dart, though I've never tried rope dart myself.

Hope that was a helpful overview!

I'm a newbie but had to throw in my two cents. I started flowing with light up poi sticks from flowtoys, then on to firepoi from trick concepts, then the zip poi from trick concepts as well. WHen I saw the levistick I just loved how people could dance with them. Being overly eager and overly confident I figured screw it i'll get the fire levi and start with that since I planned on doing fire anyway. I personaly find the balance fine lit or unlit. It's an incredibly simple toy to use. I do however use nomex gloves and sleeves with it. This makes it so easy to practice lit. Within 10 minutes (unlit) i was doing over the head and behind the back moves (after watching tutorials on home of poi). I think it's an amazingly simple toy and plan on getting the light up lev wand from flowtoys soon!

Don't get the flowtoys light up levistick! I know two ppl who got it and it snapped in half. They charge you to replace it.

Fire levi-sticks are really tricky because the fuel throws off the weight, which is the key to making this trick work. The trick concepts wand is the best one I've come across so far because they give you little weights to add to the bottom of the wand so it's balance can be adjusted once you put fuel on it. But even then firewands are unpredictable. I've been having a lot of fun with my LED wand, which is another option.

You can check out me flowing with my LED at this link [:



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