Anyone heard anything about Flow (Northwest Hoop Gathering) this year?

Is the Northwest Hoop Gathering happening again this year? Any of you know?

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I haven't heard anything either and it makes me sad. ; (
I heard from a friend that Flow would be happening every 2 years, so should be back in 2011 then? I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere else.
hmph, I hope not, I hope it's every year!
FLOW isn't happening, but there is another gathering in Bend with Anah, Baxter and Brecken teaching. Here's the Facebook page, not sure if there is another page/site out there.!/event.php?eid=374765129059
Thanks, Khan! Unfortunately, that link didn't seem to work!
can't seem to copy and paste the link and it's too long to retype into a post...

It's called "Hoop Down: Northwest" and the Facebook event page seems to be the only page extant.


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