Hi all!  I'm closing up shop on my hoop business.  It was a good long run and had so much fun doing it, but my shoulder won't let me do it anymore.  I'll keep hooping but I need to unload my inventory of tapes and tubing.  I had an online biz so I have quite a bit.  Anyone know of anyone who would be interested in hoop supplies?  Looking to sell the lot.  Contact me for specifics.  I willing to travel a bit to deliver or meet up.  Thanks!  Happy Hooping!

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Im super interested in buying tubing, at a decent price. Please contact me through here or email amgreen.456@gmail.com
Where are you located? Just starting out, intere
sted in supplies.

I'm in Coatesville, Pa-   Philadelphia area

I know someone who just stared a hoop shop and might be interested. We are in Houston, Texas. What is your contact info, I will have them reach out to you.

Sorry! I'm in PA.  I thought this was a local board when I posted.

Rhode Island Hoop Shop, always looking for tubing and tapes. message me with location

Are you still selling tubing? I am interested in purchasing some coils if you have any left. My location is Detroit. <3

I am but I'm located in the Philly area.  I don't have a ton of tubing,mostly tapes. I'm not particularly interested in shipping anything.  Thought I was posting in a local forum.


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