I only ask because anytime I mention to people what I enjoy doing in my free time they think I'm saying "hooping" only with a "p" instead of an "h". It's humorous sometimes but it happens so often it has gotten annoying.

I know this happens to other hoop friends. We sometimes brainstorm a new name for hooping to use at least within our hoop circle of friends. We have yet to find a good word tho. My solution for the interim has been to say "hoop dance" instead.

Does this happen to you hoopsters (not poopsters) out there? What do you think - can the name be changed FOR ALL TIME? ;) Or should we just ignore the remarks that we enjoying "pooping" and not "hooping"?

Discuss. Sorry for the strange topic but someone has to bring it up. :)

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I often have people think that I say I am going to go "pooping" instead of "hooping"
But I wouldn't dare change it; I love it!!

I like them to wonder what I said; keeps things funny!
I say I enjoy hula hooping...which is just as funny to the people I tell, for some reason! :P
LMFAO that happens to me too! this one time I was at the jerusalem woodstock festival and hooped a storm up with my twins... needless to say i had a HUGE bruise on my knee after and when I went to visit my brother later he was like "what the hell happened?" I told him i was hooping for 3 hours to which he replied "YOU WERE POOPING FOR 3 HOURS SO U HAVE A BRUISE ON UR KNEE?!?! WTF??" hahaha
haha I don't know why, but this made me laugh until tears XD
Same here .. I choked on my coffee ..Smiles and Laughes AnnA

Same here! I can be real philosophical, serious, and too heavy ~ but, I have always been a sucker for some high quality, Austin Powers style toilet humor ;-D ...and with the crap I've been dealing with lately why not? But seriously folks...sometimes I'll tell 'em "the art of hoopdance" or simply "spinning."

I also like Serena's "let it be" approach! ;-)


LMAO! Funny you should bring this up!

On the way home from NYC today I said to my friend "...I hope to be hooping in Bryant Park."
She said, "Well they do have the nicest public toilets in the whole city. If you need to mark your territory that's one nice place to do it."

OMG, I fell over in my bus seat. I was laughing so hard I thought the bus driver was going to remove me from the bus.
haha! that's hilarious!
Man, this happens to me every single day. I have just resulted in saying "hoop dance" instead unless I am talking to other hoopers.
ROFL! If people are having trouble hearing the H in Hooping, what makes you think they will hear it in Hoop Dance!!? We would just have to change the name to Big Plastic Circle Dancing!.. And we cant have that!.. I don't mind repeating the word with more emphasis on the H and offering donations toward their hearing aids :P After all, once we correct them, they're the ones who feel silly... Well that's my two cents I am off do some more Poop Dancing :D

Haha! Yes well people tend to hear the "dance" in "hoop dance" and then there's a little less guesswork involved. No one has thought I've said "poop dance". YET. :)
I definitely have had people think I said poop dance!


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