Are you careful when you bring your LED hoop to raves and festivals?

Just wondering if when your not hooping with a performing hoop which is probally kinda pricey my LED hoop was about 120.00 bucks so i'll be bringing it to my first rave at the end of april and was wondering if any of you are careful with it and carry it around when your not useing it, cuz i really dont trust people they will think its kool and probally steal it.

I just dont want my LED hoop to get stolen while at this rave.

Any suggestions?

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It might get tangled in people if you are trying to walk through a crowd with it... I suggest you hold it over your head if you have to make it through a tight crowd.

I rarely leave my hoop unattended unless I know it will be safe.  If I put it down, I still make sure I can see it at all times.  I think the buddy system works best, bring a friend who also hoops (or find one at the show) and take turns hooping while the other dances.  Usually the other hoopers will find you, and I feel that you can - for the most part - trust members of the hooping world, at least enough not to walk away with your hoop.  Trade off when you feel like getting submerged in the crowd, your hoop will be easy to spot when you reappear.
If I suspect that the event may be particularly packed, I may not bring my hoop at all because I will be stuck carrying it all night.
If the idea of sharing doesn't appeal to you, you could find a merch booth or something, usually people working tables at these kinds of events don't object to watching over your stuff (not as relevant for raves/festies, I suppose).

If you're worried about it definitely keep it with you!

One of the biggest problems I've encountered at festivals and warehouse parties is not outright theft (though that does exist) its keeping track of the overly exuberant people around that don't leave you enough space to hoop. Bump bumb, bam! Right in the eye or somewhere... Watch out for people. Especially with your off body moves. Somehow (even though LED hoops are all lit up) people will still walk, dance or stumble right into your path.

The other thing is that some people (who may have ingested certain substances) are drawn like fireflys to the lights. And sometimes they will kindly and gently ask to borrow your hoop for a few moments and then completely loose track of either you or your hoop. ha! I've watched one of my hoops go from hand to hand until the point where no one had any idea who's it was. Don't expect anyone else to keep track of it for you no matter how much they sincerely try to convince you they can. If you are sure you'll have enough room and you can keep track of your hoop I wouldn't worry too much.

Have FUN!!

One thing that can really make it go smoothly is to collapse the hoop to half it's size and then wear it (when you don't want to hoop).  In my experience, nobody ever asks to use my LED when I'm wearing it, and it's just easier to walk around with it like that.  Plus my friends can find me easily because I'm glowing.

I was going to suggest the same thing. When you're not using it coil it down and wear it around. 

Of course you should be careful with it. Don't let that thing out of your sight. Usually people at raves and festivals are very nice, don't get me wrong. But it's crazy out there and you never know. Take care of your shit!

yes, definitely be careful. I used to think nothing of it, once I kept a moodhoop I had in my tent while I went to go see music at a small festival, Bella Terra, in upstate NY near me.. when I got back it was gone.. and my favorite chair, too! :( I expected better of people than to actually go into my tent and take my hoop. It was obviously someone who hooped because they left all the other day hoops that it was piled in, why else would they care? It just hurt that someone in the community would steal from a fellow hooper :( but it just goes to show, you should always be careful and hold onto all your stuff OR keep it locked in a car preferably the trunk. I've heard of someone who had an atomic and someone literally broke their windows of their car to get to it!!! so not cool.... I'm definitely way more careful these days because of it

I recently went to the Buku Festival in New Orleans (Porter Robinson, Skrillex, Avicii) I didn't take an LED hoop with me, but I had my favorite neon yellow polypro. For Porter and Skrill, I didn't want to have it on me so I could rage freely.  One of the guards on the side of the stage noticed me (he was security) and told me he could put my hoop with him behind the fenced in area.  I was really happy with this, because he also put it where I could keep an eye on it...and he watched my red bull and water. :) If you give it to anyone, give it to someone you trust. Or, have someone watch it, like security, and have them put it where you can see it.

That's another good suggestion. If you're too afraid to bring an LED hoop bring a UV reactive polypro or tape a regular hoop with UV reactive tapes instead.

thank you everyone for your suggestions you guys are all great people!!!!!! happy hooping!!!

I live in England, and it rains a lot, so I made a waterproof bag for my LED to protect it in case I'm at a festival and far away from my tent. I actually don't let randoms at festivals use my LED hoop... it's not worth the risk of someone walking off or breaking it, I'd rather look a bit mean and pass them a normal hoop!

if you don't want it stolen... keep your eyes on it at all times/hold it at all times/hoop with it :p.

I've been to a few music festivals and raves with my LED hoop, usually people are generally pretty good about it, there are few that want to try hoping with it whether they have or haven't ever hooped before. I let them use it... it's fairly durable, but to be on the safe side you could always let them know that it is a fairly pricey hoop and to be careful with it. People will respect that.

Happy hooping!


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