I've seen this thread posted before but I have a different question and it pertains to my ankles and shoes.

I've rolled my ankle 8 times now. I was wondering if anyone out there wears high top dance shoes. (I doubt it, but I have to ask.) Or, if you have any advice on proper shoes for chronic ankle injuries, let me know.  My doc said basketball shoes, but I don't see myself hooping in those. They have to be shoes that support my ankles. I found these:


Very Fine Dance Shoes


I can't seem to find anything else and am starting to feel that it is hopeless.  I can't roll it again because my blood could go into the joints and give me arthritis (yippee for blood thinners complicating my life...) And no, barefoot is no longer an option. :( Anything you guys know or find is appreciated. :)



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Have you tried using a brace or even just wrapping the ankle to support it? I find a lot of times hightop shoes actually make the problem worse, for me at least, because the high tops aren't usually there to support your ankle. I have heard of specific brands of runner's shoes designed to help if you have this issue or that issue. Here are some that are specifically for this issue, they look a bit orthopedic, but you can always fashion up something thats functional: http://www.drewshoe.com/ankle-varus-shoes.aspx Here is a link to some braces and things (though, cheap gauze style wrap is great at stabilizing things without making you dependent upon them, for lack of a better word) http://www.achillesmed.com/

I am definitely not a doctor, just a dancer with a bit of experience in the ankle and knee department lol. Good luck, I'm sure you find something that suits your needs!

Well, I sprained my ankle last july. Right now Im still having some troubles. I normaly hoop wearing boots or my reebok freestyle hi. They come in lovely colors, they are retro and they are really comfy. They are really similar to the dance shoes you are talking about but without the split sole thingy.



Other thing you can do is bandage your ankle with one of those elastic brownish bandages.  We used to do this in ballet, when we were recently injured... The trick is to use half a bandage roll and to keep your ankle tight enough to protect it but loose enough to let the blood circulate.




Here is a tutorial on ankle badages. If you decide to do this pay more attention to your ankle and dont start bandaging from your toes. Starting from the middle of your foot and wrapping your ankle several times will work.




Also dont jump a lot. Really jumps arent that necessary. If you wanna do it, dont jump with both feet at the same time and train yourself to land on your good ankle al the times.

Take care of yourself!!

There are also this thingys


It seems that there are many kinds of ankle protectors. They are also called ankle guards. Apparently they sell them for football injuries...

oo those freestyle highs are kind of what I am looking for.  Do they have enough movement in them?  I guess what I am asking is are they flexible?

And what do you normally wear with those type of shoes?  I am a flats/sandals skirt/dress kinda girl.  I'm not sure how to wear sneakers. (sad, I know.)

Oh yeah, they are flexible. I can walk and spin on demi pointe, make plies, and really dance. They also have good grip on the floor but slide in a very jacksony way if I want to. Lol


I normally wear short cotton skirts or dresses, with or without leggins, sometimes with tights. They look cool also with skinny jeans and with bare legs and flowy, girlish dresses...

I like them cause you can be really sober o very edgy with this sneakers and since they arent bulky at all, they always look girly!










Well, there arent many nice pics on the web, but you can get the idea... ;)


Thanks for the inspiration!! I will be going out shopping for them tomorrow. :) I think they will be perfect for me to use during work hours for practice. :) I will have to try them on with my clothes and see what works, too.  Good thing I have recently acquired a tights obsession. And now that I am losing weight, maybe skinny jeans will be a do. 


I guess my biggest concern with the fashion aspect is my husband....he hates anything abnormal looking...it sucks because I want to be more individual and original. He would rather see me in jeans 24-7.

No problem! Have fun!! Hope they help you with your ankle issue.  Ha ha! I have the completely opossite problem. My boyfriend hates jeans and loves any kind of stuff that show legs! ha ha

I'm an ankle twister (can you say that?).



first I have to say that my ankles aren't nearly as bad as yours and I deeply feel for you it must really be hell.


I twisted my ankle 3 times really really bad (I don't count the small twists where you don't need a cane to walk!) and once I even ended up for 10 days in a plaster cast!!


I know my ankles are fragile so I avoid high heels (although I'm always dreaming of wearing high heels) and almost all year round I wear combat shoes :)It's a nice support and since I dress really girly,  I think it's cute because it is a contrast. And for hooping I think it's nice: bare legs and combat shoes :)


But, off course, not everybody likes it.



omg you gave me a fantastic idea.  Military is in right now and there are tons of boot styles out there! :) Gonna have to see what they have.

well ... thank you :)


... I saw the pics of ur ankle, it's pretty bad!


you'll have to take good care of that ankle for the rest of ur life ... I went to a physiotherapist for 4 or 5 times after the plaster cast and she gave me nice exercises to improve the strenght and flexibility of my ankle.


I have to say that now, almost 2 years after that, I forget to do the exercises but from time to time I do it. I was more constant the first months :) But she was right saying it could be 5 minutes and part of ur routine ... maybe u've done it already but my advice would be to check on the internet or better to go see a physiotherapist and ask him/her practical and gentle enough exercises and advices.


combat shoes are awsome ... and you can find really girly combat shoes types! ;)

I did physical therapy three times already.  I just keep doing stupid stuff and keep hurting it.  I realize now that I am no longer 16-20 and need to be more careful. I hurt it at least once a year. I'm going to have to search for those exercise and do them to make it stronger.

The ankle photo only looks really bad because of the blood thinners.  It displays bruises darker and a lot longer.

omg I found these military boots and already bought them! Tomorrow I will be buying some reebok freestyle highs. :)

OMG! Those are absolutly amazing! I love em!

You will look soooo pretty hooping on them!!

Im glad you are finding good options to solve your problem in an easy way that makes you fell confortable and happy. :)



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