I've seen this thread posted before but I have a different question and it pertains to my ankles and shoes.

I've rolled my ankle 8 times now. I was wondering if anyone out there wears high top dance shoes. (I doubt it, but I have to ask.) Or, if you have any advice on proper shoes for chronic ankle injuries, let me know.  My doc said basketball shoes, but I don't see myself hooping in those. They have to be shoes that support my ankles. I found these:


Very Fine Dance Shoes


I can't seem to find anything else and am starting to feel that it is hopeless.  I can't roll it again because my blood could go into the joints and give me arthritis (yippee for blood thinners complicating my life...) And no, barefoot is no longer an option. :( Anything you guys know or find is appreciated. :)



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Those are amazing! Wow!!!! I have been looking for boots forever, I love those!

I feel you on the ankle pain. I've sprained each one at least 4 or 5 times, with the last sprain being so bad it chipped off a piece of bone in the middle of my foot and I couldn't walk for 2 months. Now I'm dealing with a pulled tendon in the same foot.

Silly ankles.

I bought those on Ebay...they are called Georgia 17 I think. :) They sell them elsewhere online too. :)


I had one in the past to that...it tore so hard that the tendon ripped of some bone.  Of course, I just found out about it yesterday....thanks docs in the past for keeping me informed.....:(

I totally have ankle and lower leg issues. I've sprained my right ankle more than 5 times, partially tore my calf muscle, strained my peroneous muscles (outside of calf) and I have super tight lower legs. I have no idea if what I'm doing will work long term but what I've been doing is barefoot walking (1/4 to 1/2 mi. at first) then longer in my neighborhood to strength my feet and legs, wearing more flexible soled shoes for every day, cushiony ones for prolonged standing, and barefoot hooping on carpet & grass, shod hooping on hard surfaces, and warming up my ankles, calves, knees for 5 minutes or more every time I hoop and stretching for 5-20 minutes after hooping every time.
I think that may be my problem too...super tight lower legs that is.  I want to try the barefoot walking but I have to wait a few more weeks.  My doc wants it taped up for awhile so it can heal better.  I defintaley need to stretch more. What stretches do you do specifically for your ankle?  I used to do the exercise band stretches for it, but once my ankle gets better, I tend to forget about them.  It may be time to bring them back.

I rolled my ankle when I was younger and I understand what a frustration that can be! I have been hooping in Barefoot Running Shoes, they are low profile, protect your feet and are as close to barefoot as shoes come. Plus they come in lots of styles, hopefully one will work for you. My Husband and best friend are both runners and I hoop but we all wear Vibrams (barefoot running shoes) 


I like buying most of my shoes in store but there is one site I sometimes get shoes from http://salsashoesonline.com/ they're really comfortable. My wife has bought a couple of pairs from them and believes they give her great support on the heel.

As for the ankle soreness, I recommend icing after every practice and always keep them elevated.


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