I know this is probably pretty unrelatable, but I'm 24 and have had arthritis for 11 years now (I know! sucks majorly) anyways, I was wondering if anyone else suffers from anything similar and if hooping helps or makes things worse. I'm just starting out hooping and I'm really really excited for it and am hoping and praying this doesn't hold me back. Thanks guys :)

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I have SE Lupus that is associated with some amount of joint pain. My doctors have always encouraged me to stay active and do low impact exercises as a way to improve my health. I would think if you feel better after hooping than you should continue to do so. I can’t think of anything about hooping that would make your condition worse and if anything you might see some improvement in overall mobility. My experience with joint pain is that you have to be conscious of it but also you cannot completely stop exercising and moving or it get markedly worse. Of course it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor and keep them informed of any changes to your life style.

I have osteoarthritis in my ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders, plus a lingering shoulder injury that forced me to give up swimming for the past year.  It's been great. I had the experience of giving up regular exercise for about 10 years and my arthritis was worse. For the past 5 years, I've been searching for a great cardio and core workout and for the most part, the pain is reduced. I've greatly reduced the amount of pain reliever I was taking. But everything does stiffen up when I sit for more than 45 minutes.

You have arthritis?  I would be interested in hearing your experience with hooping in a years time or 2 years and if anything changes.  Is it mostly in your wrists?  

I have arthritis in my hips. It really hurts like a bitch some times, especially in cold weather. After two months of hooping, I don't seem to have any issues. Because hooping is mostly low impact, I think it is probably as beneficial for my hips as walking and yoga are. Playing football, on the other hand, is definitely NOT good for my hips!

That's really great! Yes the pain at times is excruciating but you're giving me hope that it may make things better. I just had a baby in December and just by picking her up alone my strength in my left wrist has greatly improved so hopefully hooping will loosen things up

I mostly have had issues with my left wrist (I'm right handed thank God) and get some flare ups in my knees. I did Flag corps in high school with arthritis but it has worsened since then. I'm hoping that as Anne-Marie mentioned, that since its low impact hopefully it will benefit my condition. My main concern though is that I have so much joint damage in my left wrist that I can't bend it, and I'm worried that will hinder some tricks. I can roll it to rotate my hand but I'm going to try my hardest to not let this get in my way. Seeing beautiful women hooping at festivals and watching YouTube videos have made me pretty obsessed with doing this! So do most tricks utilize both wrists? I'm sure I'll be able to modify things if I need to....hopefully :)

I can't speak much towards how hooping effects my arthritis & other joint pain (I'm 24 too & I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, & mixed connective tissue disorder) as I am just now trying to get in to hooping for the first time since I started having health issues. However, I do know that when I manage to keep myself active in a way that is comfortable for me, even if my pain is bad enough that I can only manage a little bit of yoga for the day, that I feel much better overall than when I let the pain take over & dictate the things I feel I can accomplish. I too am hoping & praying my hip & knee issues don't hold me back!

thanks for replying...its nice to know there is someone else out there that understands how shitty it is to be in pain all the time, although knowing this I apologize for whats goin on with you. I'm just starting too but if you ever need encouragement...holla!

Sure thing! I'll add you as a friend here if you don't mind! I think it'd be nice to have someone to talk to about our unique hoopy woes, lol.

couldn't agree more :)

I'm 22 with post-traumatic arthritis from breaking the growth plate in my foot, my ankle, and my leg at the same time. This was in '06 & I picked up my first hoop in '09 but only got serious with it the past 2 1/2 years and I can definitely tell a difference.I feel like hooping has helped with my arthritis because it gets me on my feet more and staying active which is extremely important with any type of arthritis. Plus I've lost weight which is so much better on my joints in general. The motion you use in foot hooping is actually an exercise I was taught in physical therapy so its a nice to work it out without feeling like im working.Just be sure to not over-do it. If youre having a bad day with your pain I wouldn’t recommend killing it with the hoop. Good luck on your hoop journey with arthritis! You have a good support system here. :]

I suffered from mild arthritis in my right hip for a few years before I began hooping.  I've practiced yoga for most of my life, which would certainly relieve the pain to a certain degree, but nothing has helped so much as hooping.  I was able to use the hoop to really target that area, tensing and relaxing the muscles while I hooped, focusing on the painful spot and working the muscles in order to strengthen the area.  Before hooping I couldn't walk further than a half mile without pain, rarely do I have any pain now.  One thing I would recommend regarding your wrist is to get a regular store-bought hoop (without any water or noise makers in it), or a polypro.  Because they are so much lighter, they will cause much less strain and you can slowly build up to using your body hoops on your arthritic wrist.  Also, be sure to practice spinning the hoop in both directions, so as not to be uneven in your strengthening.  And, aside from hooping, never underestimate the power of stretching.


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