Hey guys!  I was wondering what everyone thought about the atomic hoop from astral hoops.  It is a very cool hoop, however I feel like people would be more focused on the hoop rather than the art of hooping.  I want to get another hoop and am torn between a hoop with two circuits (most likely a psi hoop) or the atomic hoop.  Any thoughts?

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Looks cooler than a psihoop to me which i've been eyeballing for ages. i don't know about the quality personally but i think i want this more than a psi hoop :) you may be right about it being distracting though... i'll probably continue to research it :)

I just got mine and it is the coolest friggen thing in the world!!!! The video does not do it justice.  You don't have to keep it on a "distracting setting" There are PLENTY of basic ones... think about it more as having every color combo possable!


hows the weight and balance of the hoop?  I ordered mine and am about to be at the 5 week mark- 1- 2 more weeks to go and I'm set for life :)   ahh.... (sighing)

I want the atomic SO bad! I've been saving up for a long time and heeeeere comes the self-promotion: my referral code is "Madison" and it gets you 2 extra LEDs in the other hoops or $10 off an atomic. 

/end self-promotion, sorry :)


I really do think they're beautiful, and I love that there still are basic modes, like solid colors since I would no way be able to justify spending $100+ each for a bunch of solid LED hoops although I think they're awesome. Plus those fancy modes are flipping sweet!

I can't really comment on quality personally, but I know that they have lots of fans (they're on facebook and seem to get lots of good reviews).

I ordered mine about two months ago and STILL waiting on it because orders got backed up around Ultra Music Festival, but they've said its 75% built and should be shipped out soon. I'm sosososo anxious and when it comes in i'll put a good review up for it since they seem so envied but not many people know too much about its' specifics.


Otherwise, I am incredibly happy about recieving it. I own/owned the UltraHoop from Ultrapoi which is the same price, but has less modes, though has an awesome feature where when holding down a button can cause the trails to stretch out and modulate the frequency of the light depending on how long you have it held down. They've working on more modes and features for it too.

OOOOO I'm really excited for you! I'll definitely be excited to hear a review! The only issue I have with it is that it's made with the 7/8" (or at least that's the thinnest you can get) which is understandable since there's a bazillion LEDs in there, but I love the thin-ness of 1/2" black pipe...but I heard that they're still remarkably light considering. I wish I could play with one before I spent $300 on one! 

I've seen the UltraHoop too, but I think I still like the Atomic more :)

I too ordered one almost 2 months ago, and am still waiting:(  I will be sure to post a review when i get it.  I have a good feeling about it, despite the 7/8" tubing.  I've been checking the 'order status' link on their sight every few days, and I'm getting antsy.

Oh well, good things come to those who wait, right?


Found this video on Facebook.  The girls name is Maja, she posted a few images of her and her hoop on facebook and I saw this video she made- ATOMIC TEST RUN- takes 13 minutes to get through every mode but it's captivating as hell.  Hope it links correctly...


if shes on here- thanks so much for making this.  I think this will help a lot of people make up their minds that this hoop is worth it and an incredible feat of engineering! All hail B.J!

OH MY GAAAAUUUSHHHH! That video is incredible. I was thinking at work today that if no one has done that that once I got mine I would totally do that because there are so many modes and I'm sure there are more people out there who are really curious!

Thank you so much for posting it, and if she's on here thank you girl for the awesome video!

So my husband just watched this video with me and has now given me the credit card and said to buy one. I'm shocked and excited!
haha! glad this helped :) I'm awaiting delivery in a few weeks... so excited!


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