I have searched tags and haven't found this topic, but being on Tumblr has gotten me curious. I would like to start out by saying that I do not mean in any way to target specific people in a negative way, I'm just looking for opinions here. 

I've seen some people say that if you only know the vortex, you're not a hooper. I actually got an anonymous message telling me that because I only did vortexes in one of my videos, that I did not deserve an expensive LED hoop, and that I was not a hooper. So, my questions:

Is there a difference, in your opinion, between being a hooper and just having fun with a hula hoop?  

If you think there is a difference, what is the difference? Being able to do certain tricks (if so, what tricks? Do certain tricks not 'count'?)? Having 'flow'? Using a certain type or size of hoop?


I do not wish to start any arguments, but encourage all sorts of different opinions to be expressed! Thanks!

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I really don't think any one thing makes someone a hooper. I think that if someone enjoys themselves with a hula hoop, they have every right to call themself a hooper, even if they can only waist hoop. Even if they can only spin it around on their hands. I don't think someone needs to know certain tricks to be considered a hooper, everyone was a beginner once!

I look forward to hearing everyone's opinions on the matter!

Hey Sandra! Thanks for clearing that up. It does suck to have that association with hooping. I am sorry that the rave scene took away from your hooping in some form. I try not to let it bother me but it's always in the back of my head, too.

offensive for sure!
I don't think that would detour me from owning an LED hoop, but I'll be more careful where I bring it.

Aw that sucks. you should get back into it. I dont do anything ive been sober for 10 years this fall and youll have those people everywhere. if you have dreads, paint, go to certain shows, or even wear certain clothes they will do that.

Where I am from there is no stereotype going along with hoopers- most of us do yoga and meditate- live for light and love and the flow of the hoop....I go to shows and like music involved with the rave scene but that doesnt make me a drug user... and if people assume that they are judgemental and I dont let that take my hooping away from me or the things I love in life. My actions, my intention, my practices make me who I am  not what people think- If you are always worrying about peoples opinions you will never be free to be- just be you and do what you love- NO judgements

I personally think blarneystones was the one who sent the Anon. Because it said pretty much the same thing in both the post and the ask "girl has awesome LED hoop and is only doing the vortex and spinning it on her hand she's not a real hooper!"
But I obviously don't know that for a fact, it's just a hunch of course.

I'm not going to call her out or anything but it's pretty sketchy if you ask me.

"I actually got an anonymous message telling me that because I only did vortexes in one of my videos, that I did not deserve an expensive LED hoop"



I know! I responded that they are certainly entitled to their own opinion. I was really only trying to show off settings in said video, not hooping skills. I've seen a few things like that in the "hooping" tag on tumblr, which made me curious on how people over here view this topic.

I honestly cannot believe that someone would say that you didn't deserve an LED hoop. That's beyond fathomable. It's none of their business if you bought one or not...YOU'RE the one using it and having fun with it. Geez. It blows my mind, some people.

I say have fun with your LED hoop and rock it HOOPER!

Thanks girl! 

That was a dumb statement, if you actually *purchased* *any* hoop, you are entitled to do whatever you want with it! I don't see hoopmakers complaining when you purchase their product. If someone is willing to shell out the money, they darn well deserve that hoop, because they bought it. 

Ignore the jerk, really high chance they just wish they had one!  

Using the same trick would be handy though, as it shows the settings more evenly.

You deserve it. Really. That " you don't deserve it" nonsense is someone elses bad ego talking. :\ 
You're a beautiful being and you're a hooper if the hoop drawls you in with it's loving embrace. 

And there you go... hooping is obviousy not the same for some poeple. For some I guess it's just a contest, but lemme tel you a secret. Those are the hoopers that cry at night. :P You go get em girl! And don't lt them haters shake ya!


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