I just really got into making hoops and have been playing around with sizes. Ive been using irrigation tubing 3/4 inch, wit variety of psi, 80, 100, 125 and 160. It seems like everyone prefers a different one and i think it may have to do with the tape choices more than the hoop, but bascially my question is what size was the first hoop you purchased and what made you choose it over any other hoop? 

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My first hoop was 46" and made out of 3/4" OD 160PSI. The size was for my height, girth, and experience level (beginner :P). The tubing was because my hands liked the thickness and the PSI was because my hoop was meant for exercise. I didn't make the decision randomly. I tried different hoops and had input from the teacher that introduced me to hooping. :)


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