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Hopefully someone can help me with my fabric hoop. I don't know the best way to go about wrapping the fabric onto my hoop. So far I have cut long strips of fabric and sewed them together so I have on long spool of fabric. I was going to tape it to my hoop then start the wrapping. However I didn't know if there was any other way to do it??

I'm also wondering how much the strips are going to fray since I didn't sew the ends in. I was just gonna wrap the fabric around many times to create a thicker layer of fabric onto the hoop. I don't know if I should worry about they fraying or not. I was gonna let it go but now I'm thinking I might sew the sides in so it looks neater in the end. (The pictures posted at the bottom is the sewn strips of fabric, give or take an inch thick)

If anyone has any tips or would like to share how you've made fabric hoops (if you have) I'd love to hear your process! Happy hooping everyone! 

Sarah Bear

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i dunno how much this will help, since the pieces of fabric i used weren't sewn together, but when i've made fabric hoops, i've used a glue gun and just wound the fabric around the hoop in the same way you wrap tape, putting the glue on top of the fabric as i wrapped it around. it's a kind of tedious process, so someone who is more sewing-inclined than i may be able to send you more efficient advice, but if you're stuck, a glue gun might be a good place to start!

The problem with fabric, I find anyway, is that because it's stretchy, you can never wrap it tight enough to prevent it from slipping in your hands a bit. If you want to grip it or do any pauses or keep your lines clean when changing planes and stuff, it'll be a bit sloppy if your fabric is not secured to the hoop. Tape is okay but kinda magnifies the problem because then the fabric just stretches between the tape and looks weird after a while.

Hannah's suggestion to use glue is great. There are also spray adhesives though that you can buy that work wonderfully. That way you spray a few inches of your hoop, wrap the fabric, spray some more, and work your way around. You don't have to worry about uneven spots of glue or anything because it goes on so smoothly! 

And your fabric looks super pretty! Will you post a pic of your finished product? :)

The glue is a great idea.  I'd suggest leaving a bit of space between the strips of fabric and then using a gaffer tape to frame the edges, this will prevent fraying, add some grip and also help secure the fabric even more. 


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