I have been on the pill for a couple of years now and I am not sure if it messing with me or not. But I do know I have been having some troubles with depression. I am not sure if this has any thing to do with the pills or not. However it is important to me that I do not have a baby. Very important! And as for My boyfriend, well any time I say anything about the birth control maybe messing with my hormones or something he says yeah right, and just blows it off. But I have had friends say they stopped taking the pill because it messed with their emotions too much. I just wanted to get some more input on this situation before I decide if I should stop taking it for a while ......

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I have suffered from depression and I do believe my birth control causes outrages mood swings from time to time. Sometimes the littlest thing will tick me off and then 5 minutes later I will be fine. I would talk to your doctor and see what they would recommend, cause different birth control affects everyone differently.
I used to take the pill years ago... I also had some emotional issues at the time... Idk if it was related to being on the pill or what, but I eventually switched to the Nuva Ring and I LOVE IT!!! its great bc you keep it in for 3 weeks, take it out for a week and start a new one after that.. never having to remember to take that pill every single day... and i have not had any noticeable side effects whatsoever... I would recommend the Nuva to a friend. ;-)

haha I sound like i should be on a commercial. :P hope this helps! :)
What pill are you on? I've tried them all and am extremely sensitive to estrogen. I'm going to try getting Mirena next week, which is estrogen free. If that doesn't work, I'm going to give the minipill a shot
Birth Control makes me crazy. I've gone on and off and have seen a difference.

I've heard great things about the IUD from several serious hoopers and aerial artists, so they work well and you can move freely.
i was on the pill for 5 years and it made me have awful mood swings, headaches, severe depression and suicidal thoughts....i would never recommend it to anyone. I then switched to an IUD - one which released a small amount of hormones into your womb to stop you from ovulating. It worked well, i never really felt it, only sometimes during sex, but i found after a few years i was getting skin problems and i started freaking out about having this thing inside me. So i got it removed. I asked my local family planning clinic about getting a cap fitted, but as i am allergic to latex it wouldn't have been possible and they dont offer a latex free variety. She also said to me i should just have a baby as i was 26 ...... that was pretty shocking! Now i just use latex free condoms....they feel a lot more natural than the regular ones, but are a bit more exspensive. I would never go back to using the pill or IUD again.
I just want to warn you that no birth control is 100%. After I had my son, I got the paragard IUD inserted. It worked great and I loved it... until a little oer 15 months later when I found out i was 13 weeks pregnant with my daughter. My husband and I had already started talking about planning another baby so it was ok but at the same time, i was not ready. i love my daughter to pieces but that was super hard! also there was a chance i could have miscarried her when they took the IUD out.

so now i am sort of in limbo myself trying to decide what BC to go on. I have struggled with mental illness and depression my entire life (Hooping has helped that so much!) so anything hormonal is generally a no no. i am considering the mirena IUD but i am not sure yet.

please talk to your gyno asap about your depression. <3
I really disliked the way the pill and the patch made me feel. I use a diaphram now with spermside with, well, I am not usieng it now beucase i'm not have sex, but if your in a commited relationship it works just as well as condoms do, it just DOESN'T protect aginest STDs, but there are down sides too, it can mess with your PH down there, but on the up side not your emotions! But when I was with my boyfriend I used it for a year and half almost every day and i'm sitll baby free!
i too am eperiencing etreme depression right now from the pill. im always sad and i fly off the handle in the blink of an eye. i feel like i need to do something too because im pushing away everyone close to me, and sometimes i take it out on my boyfriend who is completely amazing and doesnt deserve to have me being a psyco. does anyone use the nuva ring? i dont want the pill anymore and the shot is not an option for me.
Awww. I am SO sorry you are going through this! My sister had the same problem, so she got the IUD. It is no hormones/less hormones... I don't know all of the details, but she is a different person! The birth control pill drove her absolutely nuts! You are def not alone! Hope it gets better! Much love!
Birth control pills can definitely cause depression, as others here have said. Let your doctor know what's happening, and try some other options. I know that no pill worked for me (even the "light" doses left me weeping without knowing why), but I could hug my Mirena IUD for being so effective and easy. Your doctor can help you decide which option/s is/are best for you.

Also, your boyfriend doesn't sound very receptive to your emotional needs. That's not cool. I hope that he's generally more nurturing than that, but if he isn't, you might want to consider finding a relationship that leaves you feeling supported and trusted. You deserve to be listened to and taken seriously.
I was actually more stable when I was on birth control. Then when I was 24 I got my tubes tied and stopped taking it and now I feel more hormonal than ever! I feel like a dang psycho half the time and the doc won't give me birth control now because I don't "need" it ugh! Hormones are crazy things for sure!
You should talk to another doc in your area! You can get a patch, that isn't specifically for birth control, but just for hormones needed! My mom has that patch and SWEARS by it! I will ask her what the name of it is, but it is just hormones, not birth control. Makes her feel a million times better!


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