Hey everyone, 

I'm on the hunt for a pair of big badass face stomping boots, that are quality made, and comfortable but my searching has left me underwhelmed. Looking for something mid calf to knee height, lace up preferably, no heel. 
Any suggestions of places to look?! 

I've looked at demonia but I've read reviews that the quality isn't that great and after a few years they fall apart. Also took a look at Pennangalan which was pretty cool but in the UK and a little expensive. I'm in Toronto Canada if that helps at all... 

Thanks a lot! 

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Endless.com has a marvelous selection of stompy boots, and they offer free shipping!

I own a pair of big, stompy, "Street Fighter" boots from TUK that have held up beautifully for almost a year of constant wear. They cost me a pretty penny ( about 110$ USD) but it's worth it. I also have a pair of ankle boots from TUK that have been with me for about 5 years and only just recently did they start to show any wear and tear, so I would definitely recommend that brand. 

Another solution is just to go with a pair of Doc Martens. I mean, they don't have a lot of bells and whistles, but they last FOREVER, and simple, black, mid calf black boots can sometimes look so much more menacing than shoes with buckles up the wazoo.  Plus, you can jazz them up yourself if you feel the need and make them look exactly how you want.

My only other suggestion for well made boots would be New Rocks, but those are ridiculously expensive (but still so pretty!!)


I hope this helped ^^

you can try looking on Etsy :] i order off of there all the time i love everything i get!

I'm looking for boots too!

I want to get a pair of the Minnetonka leather boots with the fringe all over them, but I'm worried that they might not fit.


I have ridiculously thick calves (and I'm a size 10) and I heard they run a little small.  Anyone know of a similar style boot that's maybe wider?

Demonia is actually pretty good quality in my opinion.

I had a few pairs that lasted through a lot of partying. But they are very heavy generally. :/



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