33" sunrise polypro upgraded! Moodhoop for sale.
$130 ($150 new after upgrade, 2 extra batteries, shipping and tax).
I will pay to ship of course! It comes with 4 batteries in total.
I'm getting rid of it because the tubing is not my style. Too thin for my liking. I sanded it for better grip but because of that I cannot return it:(
It's never been used outside and barely used @ all!

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Lowering the price to $115. P.S. I have the reciept still that I will send with the hoop because people seem to think it was less expensive. lol
The price of a 33" hoop is $15 more than the price listed for the hoops. Plus a polypro upgrade. I'll pay for shipping so you will be saving about $25 on a brand new hoop! :)
It was $145 originally. Just check the reciept 

when selling used goods, you have to remember even though its barely used its still used. you cant sell a used item for almost the same price as you bought it, it just wont sell. you may not want to but lower the price to 80 or 90 and itll sell better. if you want to get more and are dead set on it, take it out with you to a bar with your other hoop you like  and start hooping, some drunk person who thinks what your doing is amazing and they want to do it will buy a hoop for that much and not care. im speaking from experiance. lol. 

also how old and how used is it? i love mood hoops customer service, if its fairly new they will exchange it

Actually, it's not "used". It's brand new but since it's not coming from the company I lowered the price $20 below what I had payed for it. Then I realized I had payed $5 less than what I originally thought and lowered the hoop another $15.

I am dead set on not losing $60 on a brand new hoop. Usually when selling a used hoop it's used.. Meaning a couple scuffs or needing new tape.That's why they are priced so much lower. They are USED...

This hoop is literally brand new. Never taken outside. only used a few times inside.

I cannot return it because I sanded it because it was too slim and hard to grip which is my problem with it.

Since so many people love moodhoops I am sure I can find a fitting home for it:) It is a good deal. I bought it mid Jan and it's pretty much been sitting in my room with exception of the few times I attempted to get used to it.

But thank you for your input:)

Is the hoop still up for sale? 

what size is the tubing 3/4 or 5/8? and witch mood hoop is it? I have been thinking about getting a new mood hoop.

The tubing is 5/8 OD Polypro.

It's a sunrise 33"

Wow, that really sux, feeling for ya, I wouldn't want to lose so much on a hoop I never used either.  

I'd be willing to do a trade of sorts as well. I'm kind of a Burner in that respect. I love barter systems;) 


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