33" sunrise polypro upgraded! Moodhoop for sale.
$130 ($150 new after upgrade, 2 extra batteries, shipping and tax).
I will pay to ship of course! It comes with 4 batteries in total.
I'm getting rid of it because the tubing is not my style. Too thin for my liking. I sanded it for better grip but because of that I cannot return it:(
It's never been used outside and barely used @ all!

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Lowering the price to $115. P.S. I have the reciept still that I will send with the hoop because people seem to think it was less expensive. lol
The price of a 33" hoop is $15 more than the price listed for the hoops. Plus a polypro upgrade. I'll pay for shipping so you will be saving about $25 on a brand new hoop! :)
It was $145 originally. Just check the reciept 

Actually, it's not "used". It's brand new but since it's not coming from the company I lowered the price $20 below what I had payed for it. Then I realized I had payed $5 less than what I originally thought and lowered the hoop another $15.

I am dead set on not losing $60 on a brand new hoop. Usually when selling a used hoop it's used.. Meaning a couple scuffs or needing new tape.That's why they are priced so much lower. They are USED...

This hoop is literally brand new. Never taken outside. only used a few times inside.

I cannot return it because I sanded it because it was too slim and hard to grip which is my problem with it.

Since so many people love moodhoops I am sure I can find a fitting home for it:) It is a good deal. I bought it mid Jan and it's pretty much been sitting in my room with exception of the few times I attempted to get used to it.

But thank you for your input:)

Is the hoop still up for sale? 

what size is the tubing 3/4 or 5/8? and witch mood hoop is it? I have been thinking about getting a new mood hoop.

The tubing is 5/8 OD Polypro.

It's a sunrise 33"

Wow, that really sux, feeling for ya, I wouldn't want to lose so much on a hoop I never used either.  

I'd be willing to do a trade of sorts as well. I'm kind of a Burner in that respect. I love barter systems;) 


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