Hey hoopsters Any pointers on bring the hoop up from ur knees? I can get it down n hoop pretty long time from the knees n bring it up a lil bit by momentum but then when i try to grab it yes i fail. so what can i do to bring my hoop up smoothly?

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I learned by searching YouTube for tutorials on hooping from knees back to hips, I just could not get it for the longest. For me and every one is different, I hoop counter clockwise around my knees and use my right knee by moving it forward and back while slightly popping the hoop up it will slowly go up your thigh then I used my left leg when it is at mid thigh level and pop my leg out a few time while the hoop goes around and I do a little hip wiggle to get it all the way up. Its hard to describe the body wiggle I do to get it up and the videos on YouTube told me to use my left leg only but it didn't work for me you will find your groove and online videos will help alot with finding different ways too try, also spinning with you hoop helps alot when you are first trying it out I hope I helped sorry its hard to explain but if you need me to tomorrow when i get up I can post a video of how I do it, but I'm laying in bed snuggling my 2 year old :-) happy hooping

Nobody ever really mentions this, but you need to shake your booty to get the hoop up. Not just a little hip wiggle - shake it like you mean it. Turning with the hoop helps, too, but it's the shaking that does the job.

the girls above me have a great description of the front to back on your knees then side to side shake when it gets higher, but sometimes it also helps me to switch my weight over to the right leg (counter clockwise hooper) when it gets up to my way upper thigh, it seems to get it past my ass a little better haha, especially when im hooping with smaller hoops.

I literally JUST learned the other day because I had the hardest time with this. I learned from, of course, Safire's video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqrHLh83r04

And I watched this video too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5lrcWZARBc

Katiybunny also has a good explanation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvqP6G3VNhE

I made an absolutely fool out of myself, but all I really tried to do is bump it up with my pusher leg and shimmy it up by shaking my hips side to side lol. I know that's a horrible explanation. But by shimmying a little, it lets the hoop grab higher onto the skin causing it to come up to your waist. Hope that helped a little!

It took me a while to get this trick down but I finally did it.  When I learned one thing that helped me was to switch over to a larger heavier hoop.  I find for me personally it's a lot harder to bring the hoop up if it's a 34" polypro.  I kind of "bop" it up with my left knee while hooping couterclockwise.  Then like others mentioned, it's about shaking your ass!  I like to think of it as "Elvis hips". This one was hugely satsifying for me to nail and a lot of fun!

I totally think of Elvis hips too!!

I also spin counter clock-wise, bump with my right leg, and then shimmy my hips up and down while turning in the direction the hoop moves. Also make sure you are practicing with bare legs. Moving the hoop up from the knees with pants on is pretty much impossible at first. You will eventually be able to do it in pants as well, even with a poly-pro!!

AWESOME!! thanks everyone will def try everything u all have suggested and find my flow!!!

what if your wearing a slippery skirt during a performance. i can bring my hoop up usually in shorts or a short skirt, but my upcoming thing has a skirt and leggings, and its a lot harder to bring up...any tips to help..

Practice in your costume. And try hairspray on your leggings.

Hey! Read the comment about hooping right at the butt crease, that I left below. Hope this will help!

This took me a long time to work out! Firstly, practice with bare legs as the grip makes all the difference. You can do any amount of shaking, wiggling and turning but I found the best thing to do is to stand up straight, when you want the hoop to come up imagine that someone is pulling a piece of string from the top of your head. I find the lift almost comes more from your bum muscles than anything else.

I think everyone has different ways of bringing the hoop up, and nobody else's methods seemed to work with me, it took many hours of experimentation, and it wasn't until I visualised the straight line of my body that I started to nail it... good luck, you'll get there eventually!


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