I think i'm going crazy I really miss hooping i hurt my foot one week ago and tomorrow i find out whats really wrong but ohhhh man all i want to do is hoop. i can work on some arm flow and try to sit or maybe even try to just balance on one foot but i'm worried if i try to balance and hoop i might end up having to put my bad foot down and i want this to heal ASAP!!!!!

so now i just stay on my laptop

watch hoop videos

look for new things to try once i'm healed

and DEF wanting a new hoop to celebrate me walking again

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I know how you feel. I broke my ankle in January hooping and all I wanted to do is hoop. I hoop sitting on a stool and hooped. You would be amazed at what you can do sitting down. I can hoop now, but am restricted until next month. I can't jump through the hoop for at least a year. I got a polypro hoop while I couldn't hoop and it drove me nuts that I couldn't use it to it full potential. I use it now, but next month its going to be awesome.  Hang in there, you'll make it.

thanks a lot:)

Sounds like it is time for you to pick up minis. =)

http://youtu.be/UO-RpogCImA  A little inspiration =)  Hoop you feel better soon!

Here is a little more hurt hooping inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owMYC_ezu1w&feature=related

Do take it really easy though, and don't do anything if it hurts. I know when I had an avulsion fracture (back before I hooped) I missed dancing like crazy, but even chair dancing pulled at the ligaments too much and I was in crazy pain afterwards.

It is a good opportunity to work on isolations and even mini hooping!.  Or perhaps get some poi to play with so you can learn some baddass twin moves.

I know how you feel and totally agree with the mini's idea.  I've made several mini's specifically for hooping when I can't get up and do it in large areas... Even on days I'm sick or something I have played with them in bed lol.  You can finger and wrist twirl no problem!  (If your foot is elevated under the ankle or knee it shouldn't put any stress on it to do it).  I don't have a big space to practice anyway so it was a natural progression I guess.  

well i've been working a lot with the minis :) its a great time to with my foot being hurt. i can walk again but i'm limping around so i try to hoop but it turns out i sprained my foot bad so its still kinda hard to hoop. i never realized how much pressure i put on my feet while hooping until now. thanks everyone for the videos that cheered me up!


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