I've been practicing this move for a couple days now and can't get it down. I can get the hoop to my left elbow but am having trouple passing it to the right elbow, it goes directly down my body, any tips?

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I have exactly the same problem. I filmed myself doing it the other day and it looked like i was bending over too far. so i tried bending over less and it still wouldn't work. i returned back to the camera and this time it looked like i was letting the hoop fall down my arm too far away from my elbow, when i was about to pass... i'm still working on that though! Hope that helps somehow!
Also remember to keep your hands near your arm pits when your in the bunny ear position. :)
My same problem!! Ive been practicing for months and sometimes get it and sometimes dont. But still cant understant why :(
I will! thanks! good luck to you too :)
try to  turn while u  are   bent over  as  u  transfer  that  might  help
I feel you . I have yet to get this trick down and its been months. I can get it on my left elbow. I can get it on my right elbow, but that transition just is not  working. it took me about a month to get the timing down for the vertical elbow pass, and I try to count it the same when doing horizontal, but its just not going. I hope some one can reply back with that one lil bit of info that makes all the difference :)
practice sticking your elbows out as far as possible and practice the vertical elbow pass and master it before you try bending over into bunny ears
I've only done it successfully once or twice. A lot of the time, my second elbow gets in the way and bangs the hoop instead of going inside it. I think that's me trying to pass it a bit too early?

Hmmm... without seeing what you are doing, it sounds like the hoop is continuing down to your body because it's losing the momentum of the spin. Maybe try an experiment - do your vertical elbow pass, but instead of "catching" with your second elbow, just stick it into the hoop without moving it, and watch what happens. It'll just "flop" and has no swing left to it immediately as it makes contact. Is that what's going on with your horizontal? Remember you have to not only have your elbow there to catch it, but you need to shift your weight over in your feet and give the hoop a good "push" with that second elbow to keep it spinning. So really concentrate on not only sticking your elbow in to get the timing right, but sticking it in and then shoving it to catch and swing the hoop to continue its path. 


If that isn't what is happening, maybe you could take a quick video to share.. we might be able to help you out a bit more if we can see what's going on :)

It is a very fast move.  I know some one mentioned how they thought they were bending over too much but my problem was I wasn't bending down low enough.  I would bend at my shoulders but really, to be successful at this move, for me, I need to bend at the waist.


From what you said, I'm thinking you hoop to the left.  I'm the same, and for me, I realize I have to be very snappy from when I first hook it on to my left elbow and pass it to my right.  For me, the timing isn't so much like vertical elbow hooping where it seems much slower, and I can have the hoop rotate a couple of time around my elbow, pass it, let it rotate there...  It's more like a "hi ya!" karate speed. If that makes any sense! 


Also, you say you've been practicing for a couple of days?  For me it took a few months to figure out!  I guess it depends on how much  you practice, and if that is the only move you are practicing. 



I just finally nailed this move a few days ago and I was having the same problem.  After recording my practices and watching them, I realized that once I passed it from my left elbow to my right elbow, I was forgetting to actually move my right elbow in circles to keep the hoop going.  Once I noticed that, I started moving my right elbow as soon as I passed the hoop and now I've got it down perfectly!

This trick is easiest to learn if you start it on your knees. You can fold over far enough to really get the motion for your arms/elbows, and then once you stand up you'll have the feeling. Also, if you hoop to the left, practice starting the hoop in lasso on your right hand and dropping it onto your right elbow. Then Pass it around to the left, and back to the right.


Hope that helps! If I have time I will post a video to help after work.

That's right!  It was easier to learn on your knees: I remember.  Good point!


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