This year was my first year at Burning Man and I LOVED it!

It's complete madness and awesomeness all crammed into one crazy filled week. I was really excited to meet some fellow hoop dancers and I met several beautiful goddesses on the Playa. There were some hoopers that I didn't get a chance to meet, girls like Hoopgirl, Spiral or Hoopalicious.

Maybe I'll see them on the Playa this year and we can hoop it up together.

Check out the Burning Man Website for more information.

I'll be doing a SaFire Hoop Dancing Workshop this year at Burning Man.

Will you be at Burning Man this year? Have you gone before?

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I will be at Burning Man! This will be my first year, I'm really looking forward to it!

I'll see you on the Playa girl. Last year was my first year and there is no way I'm missing it ever again. That place truly is home.
I will be at Burning Man this year, or at least that's the plan! I have never been before and hope to finally make it out this year... I am so thrilled :) I hope to bump into a lot of skilled hoopers out there on the playa, as well as my regional Burning Flipside burn in May. :) Always room to learn more... I don't have too many tricks down just yet. :)
I will at Burning man 2 years ago (2007) I was in pyronauts camp and that was the first time that i saw a lot of hoola hoop ! oO
I have meet Hoopalicious Bliss vulcan crew girls (Kristy etc) and Kamala. That was just amazing ! I was in the Big Fire Jam for the fire conclave and that was my best Fire Show (800 fire performers !!) I hope soo much to come back this year !
This will be my first Burning Man, I'm coming all the way from the UK! This has been years in the planning so I'm hugely over excited about it!
I want to go to Burning Man soooooo bad! Over the summer I was quite obsessed with it....I would spend so much time just looking at pictures and reading info about burning man. Sadly, I will probably have to wait at least one more year before I make it out to the Playa. Can't wait to see everyone's pictures and hear their playa hooping stories this year though!
Last year was my first burn, too, (actually, SaFire and I drove together :P) and if you haven't been, I really do encourage you to come! It was the most creatively inspiring week of my entire life. Burning Man really drives home the point that human beings are amazing. We can be and do and create anything we want!

This year I am going to be assembling a hoop rack to carry around my hoops on the back of my bike! That was the most disappointing part - if you want to bring your hoop it can be a mighty uncomfortable bike ride. lol.
I plan on going this year.
It'll be my first!
Hell Yeah mamsita! I met you last year in line to get in-- we kept getting honked at to move our LED hooping else where. I lost my voice really bad halfway through but, guess what? We have a camper this year. YAAAAAY. Oh my God, the bathtub at the Reno hotel afterwards was heaven.
Where you the girl glow hooping off to the side of the huge line up of cars!

Man, I love the internet.
Gonna be there!
We should try to arrange a meet-up somewhere. Maybe at Center Camp?


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