I just received an update from Safire's Spin Out website that she has canceled the event - the event I have been waiting a year for, and have been so excited about.

I am posting the email I am sending to her and I hope she responds and other hoopers will provide feedback.

Hi Safire,

I just read your posting that you have cancelled Spin Out for this year. While I am sure you are disappointed, I am certainly not happy about this. I wanted to go last year and was not able to make it because my dog needed a $3000 leg surgery.....so I saved an planned for a year determined to make it this year.

I live in Northern Ontario so way farther than the many Albertans who were planning on going. I bought my Spin Out ticket, and round trip airplane tickets with the help of my mother in law no less (and you can imagine how much that cost) and made postings to find kind enough strangers who would drive me from the Edmonton airport. I was just saying to my hubby last night -- one month and it will be Spin out - and now this? I've already even booked holidays off work.

I understand there are many costs and time involved in planning such an event. I've been involved in planning events myself and understand sometimes it happens. But as the anticipation of excitement to meet others in the hoop community and learn new things and have new experiences, this is very upsetting.

So my question to you, what are the people who have put so much money into coming across country suppose to do? Is there still time to save it?


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That's a real shame and I'm sorry that you're in this situation. That's a well written letter. If it isn't able to be saved, I'm not sure what trying to get a refund on a plane ticket is like but I wonder if you can make any alterations to your schedule. The next week is Madskillz, also in Western Canada (a bit further along though).


Maybe you can salvage your loss a little? I know Madskillz isn't the same as Spin Out would have been, but it is still a lot of fun.

Yeah, Mad Skillz is awesome from everyone I've spoken with.

Everyone is intensely nice there and super talented and they're probably still looking for people to put into the gala and renegade shows. *entice* *entice*

I know your message is to entice Safire, but I showed my boyfriend the website, and he thinks I actually should consider this event...that we'd make it work.

I'll be at Mad SKillz :)

I don't know about your time off work but the airline should have no problem changing your ticket to be one to Vancouver, There if the price of the ticket to Van is more expensive you will pay the difference pluse a small change fee.  If going to Mad Skillz's is not a option then ask the airline to cancle your ticket and then keep the cost of the ticket as a credit with the airline to use when you can.  Maybe next year there will be better ticket sales for Spin Out. 

Mad Skillz looks like fun, but I work in on office of 6 people and 2 people aren't allowed to take time off at the same time, so that doesn't work for me this time around.

Spin Out being cancelled is a big bummer but as I've had time to sit with the situation, I guess the universe didn't want this to happen for this year, so that just means other opportunities will be available....I just don't know what yet.

The Spin out ticket refund money came in handy -- still workin on what to do with my ticket though.

Anyway, happy long weekend.


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