Okay So Ive Been Too Hospital twice in the past 4 weeks ish due to sevear heart palpatations and SVT ive had it for 3 years now but never this bad! And its Horrible , I may have to be put on medication for life or have laser surgery on a nerv in my heart.

So my Aunty Belives in all this Chakra Stuff , She Knows Alot About It and says i might have a blocked Charkra in the heart and when im hooping This Blocked Chakra Triggers It of Wich is Kind of true because the last 2 times i have been in hospital hooping has set my heart of , and i hadent been hooping fast or long either.

I Thought Hoopings Ment to help Realese your Chakras an heal your body , not the opposite???


So on this site    http://www.holistichooping.com/content/chakras-kundalini-energy                                                            

It says all this stuff about your heart Chakra :

4- Heart Chakra: (Love Center) “I LOVE”
Located in the area of the heart. (Thymus)
-Balancing of the emotional side of personality.
Primary drives are the quest for love (believing that ‘Love is the strongest force in the Universe); to be in a place of magnetic attraction of abundance and to allow life to more freely flow through you.
Other energies= compassion, community, self-acceptance and forgiveness. (Air)
-Our heart center inspires us with the compassion and generosity to be love in action.
“Release emotionally suppressed trauma; soul heart consciousness; expressing love in action.”
Sound associated with this chakra is (AH).
Celestial body- Venus
Archetype- Quan Yin (Goddess of Compassion)
Sanskrit name- Anahata
Represented by the 12-petal green lotus flower.

GREEN- finest balance, cooling, soothing and calming. Represents unconditional self-love, healing, life, joy and growth.

or PINK- absorbing, stimulating, abounding and loving. It helps raise energy level and is said to be formal yet festive.

Associated Crystals- Aventurine, Malachite, Flourite, Emerald, and Rose Quartz.


It it true , that 'Hooping' Can be Causing Me Heart Propelems??

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I don't know anything about chakras and I'm not a doctor, but hooping is a high intensity exercise. In some cases the energy expended can be as much as running. I assume that you are seeing a cardiologist for your heart problem, if you're not, you probably should be. I would discuss with the cardiologist if hooping is an appropriate exercise for someone with your particular condition. If your doctor is unfamiliar with hooping you can point him or her to a study recently completed by the American Council on Exercise detailed here: http://www.acefitness.org/certifiednewsarticle/1094/ace-sponsored-r.... Regardless, I hope you get it all worked out and start feeling better soon.
Yeah im going to see the cardiologist on monday , and will bring hooping up! :)
No not really.  Not as far as your chakras go.  The heart chakra is the only chakra that is not associated with another.  The sacral chakra, which is the one mostly associated with hooping because of it's lower abdomen and hip location, is associated with the third eye which can explain the spiritual side of hooping.  I wouldn't consider your heart problems to be associated with hooping affecting your heart chakra.  The problem may lie within the heart chakra, but I just cannot see a connection between hooping and a heart chakra imbalance.  I am no specialist on chakras, though I have been studying them for quite some time.  I would look into doing some heart chakra balancing and cleansing.  That may help.  Otherwise, the only thing I would think hooping has to do with it is it (hooping) is a form of cardio...  Good luck and much love to you.  Peace.
I was thinking about this and, as a side note, the chakras are energy based and generally (but not strickly) are more related to energy manifesting as feelings or emotion.  Although, our bodies are made of up all kinds of energy channels (nadis) and if one happens to be blocked around the heart, this can cause "dis-ease" which could ultimately become a heart problem.  I could consult a local energy or reiki worker and see what they can tell you.
I think checking with a reiki massager person is a great idea! It wouldn't hurt to find out what they might have to say, especially since they do healing work.

Hmm...there is an article about hooping and chakras in a book I have (Hooping A revoloutionary fitness program by christabel zamor-hoopgirl) Let me take a peek and see what it says i haven't read that far yet. Well basically all it says about the fourth is that it can be activated by hooping with freinds, playing and laughing, it gives the names of moves that activate it:whoopie, sparkle, & galaxy, disco & snake. Maybe yours is under active or overactive causing to spin off balance or rythm?


I also have this set I got for christmas from a friend called the chakra deck which is just a bunch of cards color coded with information on them. It says it is the balance point between the physical and spritual chakras. Major issues of an unbalanced heart chakra are greif, despair, heartache, jealousy, and sadness, feelings of abandonment, isolation, lonlieness, & shyness, unable to feel compasion or empathy for others or ourselves, & unable to trust our heart.Logic rules your behavior instead of emotion. Cardiovascular problems is listed as a physical issue of an unbalanced heart chakra so is hypertension,stroke, respiratory ailments, upper back and shoulder problems, & arthritis. Common addictions are nicotine and marijuana.


It suggests Alternate nostril Breath (Anuloma Viloma) as an excercise to restore balance to breathing problems, and equalizing the energies and pathways of the nervous system. Spinal twist (Matsyendrasana) to poen and expand heart center, stretch spinal column and its connectin nerves, and reduce stiffness in the neck and massages abdominal area. Head of Cow (Gomukhasana) opens chest and enhances lung capasity and respiration, relieves tension in upper back and shoulders. Cobra (Bhujangasana) Expands rib cage, chest, and abdomen; tones back, kidnies, and buttox; firms neck and throat; replenishes lower back and pelvis with a fresh supply of blood and increases circulation. Meditation with Namaste Hands-releases emotional wounds,opens us up to love and compasion, promotes grounding and a sense of profound physical connection, calms and clears the mind, slows respiration and heart rate.


Maybe you should see a one of those Reiki massage people, it is supposed to be a healing energy massage. I just googled it and it seems a lot of heart hopitals offer it as massage therapy. I also found this http://www.spiralheartreiki.com/reikichakras.html maybe it is worth looking into. I have a friend who got a reiki massage and he said it was amazing.

Have you been tested for a gluten allergy??  It gave me heart palpatations when I would eat it.  It also messed with my blood pressure, which led to all kinds of problems.  If you just started hooping your blood pressure is definitally more funky then usual.  I hope that you can find a way to solve this and continue happily on your hooping journey.
I do not believe that hooping itself is causing the heart palpatations... But as it was said before, hooping is a work out and can increase the function of the heart so that could have something to do with it.  However, the chakras are energy based and the heart chakra is about love devotion, and emotional content with one's self and others.  If there is a problem witht the chakra you must look into it on a personal level.  When you are hooping, what are you thinking about?  Is it something positive or stressful?  Certain times when we are enduring physical pain it is because we have a mental , emotional or spiritual blockage from within us.  Think about how your feeling and what you are thinking about when you are hooping and that can help bring some understanding to the problem.  I would definately say bring the eastern and western worlds together to be healed entirely.  Go see a cardiologist but you can add a reiki master to balance it out (yin and yang) an amazing balance will allow us to heals us more quickly.  I would also have yourself do some self reflection and that should help strengthen your chakras all arounnd and help get to the bottom of all of this physical struggle.  I wish you all love

Hooping isnt CAUSING your problem, you siad its been there for a while... Its probably triggering it. Issues with the heart chakra are usually emotionally based. Its well known that conscious excercise (think- yoga,mtai chi) can free up old emotions and bring them to the surface. Hooping may be opening you up and this is coming up for you. I would spend some time meditating or just listening to your heart. Ask it why its hurting and listen with an open mind. If it resists, ask again. Give it love. Tell it you want to help it be happy. It sounds funny but simply spending some time to figure  out why your heart is hurting can really shift its state of health. If you can work through the emotional cause of the pains you can heal your heart and stop having the palpatations. If you know anyone who does energy work or Reiki I would ask them to do a session with you, or I can send you some distance Reiki if you'd like. Combine your inner work, some energy work, crystals/colors/smells as  you wish (going off what you lsited). Commit to helping your heart be healthy and you can heal it. I am healing my own disease and its working.


Take care of yourself, good luck <3

This is great advice. It sounds so strange, but having a conversation with your organs can really help you tap into your emotional state. I was having trouble with an ovarian cyst, and I spoke to my ovary who told me that it didn't feel safe at home (because each of my roommates had someone staying indefinitely with them... Turns out one broke my best friends heart, and the other robbed a store).
I had a similar experience with my uterus, i waited too long and it manifested into Ednometrosis. But once  I finally took the time to ask why it was hurting, i was rejecting being feminine because i was taught femininity was weak. Once I realized that women are incredibly strong and its actually an honor to be a woman, the pain subsided and with proper diet and medical care i have put my disease into remission and will soon be able to say I cured myself.


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