So I've been hooping less than a month (consecutive days).  I've gotten the concept of chest hooping and watched tutorial after tutorial on it and sometimes can get it more than others and have moved to a polypro as well but can't seem to make it look as easy as I see everywhere else.  I don't understand why my body needs to move so much more than everyone elses and why I haven't been able to chest hoop while not turning around. please help! This is one video and I have others on my actual page.  I'm thinking it has something to do with my posture and somehow what my legs and butt are doing. any input would be really great since this has been really frustrating to me. 

hooping video (youtube)

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I definitely am facing this issue right now. Chest hooping came quick for me, but shoulder hooping is giving me this very problem. It really helps me to do a side to side shift while shoulder hooping so that I can stand still and shoulder hoop. Even still with chest hooping sometimes my hoop goes wonky if I'm standing in one spot and I have to check my movements. I've been spending a lot of time on this lately. I found that I flew through the first two Hoopnotica dvds and once I learned it I didn't spend a lot time really feeling comfortable with the move. I've been starting practices with a warm up, a quick dance and then working on moves I already 'know' but am not super confident with yet. And then I practice the stuff I haven't yet quite got the hang of. I think this has given me some good structure and I'm really feeling my hoop better than ever before.

i feel like i do the same or focus on just one thing for too long and forget my fundamental hoop moves.

I also noticed you said you moved to polypro. Polys are light and I find that learning on my 100 PSI makes it way easier to do moves on the poly once I've got it down. I would definitely learn it solidly on a heavier hoop before doing it with the poly. I know it's weird switching between hoops but I love my LED and lighter hoops for things I am already confident in but when it comes to practicing new moves or trying to get better at a move I break out the 100 PSI. 160 is too heavy now, but drifting between 100 and poly is perfect. There's no harm in having lots of hoop sizes and liking all of them. Even performers and really advanced hoopers learned on heavy hoops before transitioning down. Some people never transition at all.

I still have a hard time maintaining shoulder hooping. I have an easier time chest hooping (shoulders out). I saw that you did some chest hooping near the end of your video, but that you were trying to shoulder hoop the rest of the time.

I would recommend trying to get chest hooping down first; it's the same movement, but you don't have to exaggerate it as much. This is because, with just your chest in the hoop, your body is closer to being a circle, and the hoop is pretty happy about that. With your shoulders in too, you're closer to being a rectangle, and you're going to have to work harder to keep the hoop happy.

Once you've mastered chest hooping, you can experiment with getting your shoulders in the hoop, too, and you'll just be tweaking the movement you've already practiced with chest hooping. Hope that helps.

Theres some really good advice here. Closing your eyes will definitely help, and you'll know your hoop better for it too. I have bad posture, so I find that it helps me to pretend there's a straight line running through the very center of my body keeping everything in the right place. It might also help to watch a bellydancing tutorial and learn to isolate movement in your lower quadrant from your upper quadrant and visaversa.

Chest hooping was hard for me to get too! I feel like when I'm hooping L to R, I really push the hoop and follow through with the right shoulder.  I think it's also easier for me to start it with a spin, basically doing a corkscrew (from lasso) onto my shoulders.


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