Cirquelle Survey: Curvier Women? Tiny Ladies? What's your size?

Hey girls,

I posted some images of my first samples for Cirquelle and have gotten some comments asking about what sizes things will come in.  Since it's a new venture I can only invest so much into this project but I don't want to leave anyone out.  I'm a little nervous about the sizing of things and want to make sure I get things right.  

If you feel comfortable with posting it I would LOVE if you could share your measurements and whether you consider yourself a Small, Medium, Large or XLarge.  

The pants and skirt will be stretchy so there is some flexibility which is great but I'd hate to have anyone miss out.  

Thanks girls!
Much love,

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Looks great! I love the vest. I'm one of those curvy girls. I fit a large.
I am pretty hourglass and prob fit Med/Large. I am a 38 bust, 28 waist & 38 hips. 5ft 9in 145lbs
I'm a medium but I have LONG arms & legs-- I know you can't account for every variation but since you asked! :)
Beautiful stuff by the way!
40-32-39, I'm a pretty tall busty lady, long arms legs torso, but I have no hips at all, like they actually dip inwards but I have very big muscular thighs I'd consider myself a Medium/Large
Large please :-)
Curvy hooper wearing a size large.

A thought for when you launch your website. Consider including a few pics of curvy women wearing your clothes. As an on-line shopper, I know it's one thing to read a listing for a size large and another (wonderful, reassuring) thing to see what an outfit actually looks like on a larger body.
Absolutely!! I already have a few gorgeous friends in mind. ; )
That's awesome! It so hard to imagine how things will fit curves until you see it.
Depending on the item (cut, stretchiness) I can wear an x-small to a medium. Measurements: Bust- 34.5"; ribcage at widest point- 27.5"; natural waist- 26.5"; low waist (at top of pelvic bone)- 32"; hips- 37"; inseam- 26", I had to get those out of a convo to AnnieLand cause I couldn't remember them. I'm 4'11" but if something is long I can get it hemmed :)
hmmmm.... I wonder if I put another row of button holes on the side of the pants then they could be quickly "hemmed" by attaching them to the top row?

sweetness, I'll look into it and see if it still looks neat. Instant Hemming!
ooooh! I like that idea!


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