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I am about to go on a trip out of town, and am sincerely hoping to take my LED hoop with me. It's from Lighted Lifestyle, so it's the collapsible design but I don't know how to fold it down :( I reallllly do not want to kink it. Can anyone help a girl out who knows these hoops?


Thanks so much!

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I'd like to know as well. Nothing says collapsible on the website, so I am too afraid to try coiling it down a bit and risk breaking it over something like that. But if it can withstand a bit of coiling, it'd be handy!
I looked today and saw that it doesn't say that anywhere as well. Maybe I saw it on the LED hoop reviews on here that it is collapsible. Either way I'd love to know!
Ya, it is on the review page. That's where I originally saw it as well :)

To collapse these hoop all you do is open it and coil it in on itself, then close.


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