I recently bought some new tubing and connectors, but when I went to make my first hoop with them the 3/4" connectors were to loose for the 3/4" 100 PSI Sil-O-Flex tubing.  I don't know what kind of connectors they are, but they are gray.  Is there any way to shrink the tubing at the ends so that it fits securely?  I am wanting to make infinity hoops, so if anybody knows how to accomplish that with what I have, please let me know.  Or if you know what I need to get in order to successfullly make an infinity hoop let me know that as well.  Thanks so much. 

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If you want to make infinity hoops, you need the Lasco connector at the bottom of the picture (part # 1429-007). Are you sure you didn't pick up 1/2" connectors? Even the Genova 3/4" should fit snugly. You should have to really push to put them in. People put things back in the wrong box all the time in those places. The reason you need the Lasco instead of the Genova for infinities is that the barbs are bigger and the tubing will not pull off the connector while twisting. The Genova does not hold as well and will come out after a few twists. Also, be very careful when collapsing the 100 psi tubing. I've had it kink and lost a few hoops that way. With the 100 psi I prefer to do the push button collapsibles, but I know a lot of people do the infinities without a problem.
Oh, I see the difference very plainly- thanks so much.  I was comparing my old tubing with my new and noticed that even though they are the same outside diameter the wall of the new tubing is thinner than that of the old.  So that would be why it is so lose.  It took all of my strength plus a hairdryer to get the connectors in the old tubing.
they are not the right connectors...i had this problem too i went through 2 kinds before i found the right ones. Go back to the stores and ask for help locating the correct ones. they should know, i had used a different kind of tubing, they are not interchangeable because some types measure by the inside width and some measure by the outside width. You need the kind specifically for that type of tubing.


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