Aubr3ylee has a tutorial of this trick on youtube and man its a bitch! I have all planes of vertical and the timing down but perhaps not the shoulder placment/movement? I make note of craning my neck out of the hoop so that my shoulder doesn't follow my head turn but about 70% of the time i feel the hoop fly off. Ducking out vertically on my left shoulder (i hoop counterclockwise) is a piece of cake but for some reason the right shoulder into a continuous roll is giving me hell. I've put in the time and more than willing to put in more but does anyone have any extra pointers to send me off into the land of continous shoulder rolls vertical styyyyle?? Tis a badass trick my friends.


Mad thanks y'all-Dani D

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sure can she be..

I know man, Its pretty getting there but as all hoopers know there is always that magical moment were a trick really clicks and comes together. I'd like it to become a solid accomplishment as opposed to the current "crap shoot make it sometimes" kinda trick. I find when i try to follow direction from a tutorial to a T it winds up taking me longer to nail it. I think I just need to let it go for a bit and come back to it in a while when my body makes up its mind to go ahead and rock the continuous shoulder roll.  If anyone is already at that radical place with this trick I would love some fellow hooper advice...muchas gracias!

try sticking your arm up in the space when you duck your neck out instead of keeping it down. it'll give you a feel for where your shoulder needs to be while providing more stability (preventing fly-offs). it really does make the duckout without the shoulder easier to do, and after a while just try ducking your arm out and keeping it in place. also, when you start taking your arm out, keep your shoulder cramped up like you're trying to rest your head on your shoulder. but, of course, your head will be tilted towards the other shoulder.

i've definitely gotten a bloody nose learning this trick..ha, i bled all over another girl's hoop…the next day she was like, "you can have it…" hahaha (: good luck!

mmyyyeess i definitely find that sometimes one must train their body a certian stance or way to move so that the trick may be achieved to its full and total awesomeness. I think perhaps my problemo is that I am not used to having my shoulder so close to my collerbone-ish area and then kept at that cramped area as I swing my noggin away to the opposite side. Also momentum in the upward swing after the first duckout is key to continuing this bad boy! I have only now after about 4 months of hooping begun to record my progress and I must say that watching practice videos when just learning a trick is AAAWWEEESOME! For seeing what you are doing wrong, yes, but mostly because its like americans funniest home videos. Hoop flying across the room as you hear far off distant breakage of something you hope to god wasn't expensive or sentimental.....watching hhiiiilllarious facial expressions in slow mo until I nearly wet myself...ahh cheap thrills I tell you, they are most excellent. Though of course all part of the kick aaaasss process! I will keep going with the body placement and hang in until I conquer the shit outta this thing!!! So far this has been my biggest challenge...I find it so fascinating what comes easily to me and what is challenging. Even more interesting is how everyone is so different in that respect. What may be a breeze to me is a challenge for others, and vise versa. Just goes to show how unique each person really is in life and with hooping. Thanks for the extra in put yo! Much appreciated


and thats fucking hilarious about you bleeding all over that chick's hoop...the visual I must say made my day... subtle disgusted look on her face as she casually re-gifts the blood ridden hoop...mahahah...yes

hahahaha exactly! your response equally made my day…quite hilarious. yes this trick IS really challenging i do admit, if i figure out other things to tip ya on that make it easier i'll definitely let ya know (; 

and actually that's my friend Aubrey in the video from my hometown (: she started the fire cabaret there…. mwah mwah! xoxo

Tried it for the first time. Totally unsuccessful because I don't want to break anything in my house. I'll practice more when I can do so outside or in a gym or something. But I did try to cheat my way through it and ended up with something pretty damn cool. When I first was learning one shoulder hooping (duckout) I would practice the timing by using my arm (sticking it up in the hoop) so it wouldn't go flying and I tried to apply it here. This is the result: 

Anyway, I'll continue to work on the real move, but this is fun too. :D
i like it ! going to try it like that soon
the arm in trick is an awesome way to "cheat" as you say with this trick!!...but shit man even with the arm in its great and was a super sweet way to warm up to the actual move itself! The constant roll is so meditative and I actually nailed it all the way around once the other day!! I get lost in that constant vertical roll... Still not 100% consistent but the fact that it happened shows that awesome shred of hope that it its possible and will come with time! fuuck ya man! Another rad option I came across was alternating between arm in for the save AAAANDDD elbow...kind of a half ass continuous vertical arm roll/ragekitty bastard child offspring...and yes, that is its given all the ways we can use random limbs as so called "saves" that may not be the initial desired effect...but come off looking pretty bitchin...I can definitely tell with this one that the momentum of the turns are crucial to nailing the constant roll...that and the over-exagerated push of the shoulder in the hoop that looks as awesomely awkward as it definitely found the groove of that momentum which is big time awesome...Good luck with nailing the trick and I hope to find some more consistency as well! also must say I love the two buddies hangin in the backround...obviously as used to having a crazy hooper around as my man and ani-pals understanding of our awesome hobby

That looks gorgeous. I love it.


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