I am confused...how could I get a red led hoop but have purple/amber/green (i think) trailing the color...I am just so confused on how it will look--I saw the video he posted but it was white with red/blue/green trailing...If anyone could post a picture or a video of a Shooting star hoop that isn't white...I am just sooo confused.

I want to buy a hoop from cosmic hooper--but all the hoops are just so amazing!! I am having such a hard time choosing which hoop to get...right now I am between Shooting Star and Celestial Ring (I am looking to get the 4 section hoops)

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Hi Emily! I have a cosmic hoop and I have to say that I absolutely love it! I couldn't pick just certain colors for my hoops, so I got the rainborion's belt. I added 7 full spectrum shooting star LEDs for a total of 35 lights. All of Rob's hoops are absolutely beautiful and they are worth every penny. I'm sure whatever hoop you choose will turn out beautiful. Here's a few pictures of my hoop;

that looks AWSOME!!
Thank you! :)
Hey! I actually just got a hoop from cosmic hooper, except mine is purple with the rainbow shooting star mode heres a video if that helps any!
heres the video
Your hoop is beautiful!! LOVE IT!
this helps me soo much thank you :D
no problem, let me know what kind of hoop you get :)
Kia, that hoop is gorgeous!!
here's one of my cosmic hooper hoops (the one in the foreground) - 7-color shooting stars with solid greens and solid blues!

i also have minis from lighted lifestyle that are solid reds, oranges and yellows with the purple/amber/green shooting stars to give you an example that's really quite close to what you're considering, even if it's not cosmic hooper:

wow I'm having the same trouble trying to decide what to get so many options and they all look awesome
I ended up getting the 24 in mini sectional shooting star...with solid red....and 7 color spectrum shooting star leds--i'll post a video/pics of it when I get it! can not wait!!!


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