First off, I am totally new here and probably am in violation of guidelines, but I did a few searches and found a few posts related to my question but didn't get a sufficient answer. If I am in the wrong, please direct me down the right path.

I am looking to purchase my first LED hoop but am overwhelmed by the information out there.  I don't have a large budget for this and was hoping to find a good hoop to get started with.  Any suggestions?


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Moodhoops are great and relatively inexpensive. I'd go with a 38 in hoop
Yeah, go with a mood hoop. I got my first LED hoop from them and it's beautiful! Plus it got here in 2-3days.

I love my mood hoop! They are very easy to deal with and shipping was really fast!

I would definitely go with a MoodHoop. Their excellent customer service, beautiful hoops and prices are unbeatable. 

I just bought my first one from CitivaCreationz on Etsy and it's gorgeous! Very reasonably priced, fast shipping, comes with 2 batteries and a charger, and if you use the code EBAYFANS you get 5% off your order. Also has an option to spend $10 for extra fast processing, I ordered mine on Monday afternoon and it came today!

MissHaley is another code you can use for 10% off!! Love her hoops!!

moodhoops! I absolutely love mine. Also electriclifestylz is a newer company but their hoops are beautiful and have good customer service

I am actually selling my LED hoop because I have out grown it. Its the perfect beginners hoop just the right weight and size but thats the problem i am no longer a beginner so its to heavy for me. The hoop has barely been used because i was traveling for the last year and was using my small collapsible. I bought it at 145 and its close to perfect condition but would be willing to drop the price. Its 21 LED's with 6 slow changing colors, 12 pink, blue, and green, and 3 butterfly strobes. I still have the warranty on it and the charger it in perfect condition. contact me at

Thanks everyone for all the responses.  While moodhoops sounds like the one to go with my hubby surprised me and ordered me one from electriclifestylz on Esty over the weekend.  I am excited that he took the effort to find it and order it for me (even measured my current hoop for sizing).  Hopefully it will be a good "starter" hoop and when I get more advanced I will move up to one of the others listed and recommended. 


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