Heyllo hoop community,


First, I want to thank you all for sharing your talent on the web, your videos and photos are inspiring.


I'm making an offer to all hoop instructors for 10% off in my shop, http://www.Exaltation.Etsy.com, with coupon code: iteach10 ... This offer will be valid for the next month, till April 5. If people totally love it and I find that lots of teachers are making use of it, I'll extend it!


No strings attached, just rep my shop in your classes, let people know where they can get similar styles.


Here's an example of a tank to match your favorite hoop: 

I love making anything custom, so if you have a fantastic idea I'll work with you on creating something perfect that you will love and treasure.


The nice thing about these shirts is that, being backless, skin grips hoop better than fabric. The white shirts look great under UV light and UV reactive designs are available - just ask. :-)


Word of mouth and networking are an artist's best friends, so grab that coupon code, get your style on, and wear it everywhere!! :-)


I love you all and send you blessings

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Cool Etsy shop! I love the molecular necklaces... very original!
Great idea girl!  I can't wait to get that hula hoop necklace.  I'll spread the word :-)


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