do you let people use your hoop at festivals if they come up and ask cuz...

i was at a show two nights ago and this girl was hooping with an led hoop nothing fancy two color 16 led hoop, i am not dissing her hoop but im just sayin its no 400 dollar atomic. well she was holding her hoop not using it so i went up and said " hey do you mind if i try your hoop my friends brought me here and i didnt have time to pick up my hoop from my house, i hoop everyday and i wont do anything crazy."  this girl was older than me i am 21 she looks at me and says" oh your just a baby, i cant let you use my ho op, but thats cute you think youre a hooper, but i dont know you and if you break it i am out 100 bucks". to me hooping isnt just about skill and who has a nicer hoop its about community friendship i hoop you hoop spread hoop love, pass the hoop and whater else you like to pass, lol.  i let people use my hoop when they come up and ask its hdpe it wont break unless you try and kink it, her hoop wasnt polypro, i heard thats more brittle but i want everyones opinion am i wrong to feel insulted by this woman, and do you let people use your hoop if they ask especially if they let you know they are a fellow hooper. to me if i see i hoop i get a funny feeling and i gotta hoop hooping is in my blood, lol, its just wrong to me yo deprive a fellow hooper of a hoop.

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WOW... What a BIOTCH!!! It's one thing for her to say she doesn't want anyone using her hoop but she insulted you instead of being nice about it. LAME.

I am iffy about letting people use my hoops sometimes but if I say no, I'm NICE about it!!!I I usually bring an extra cheap LED with me so I can hand them that and keep my good ones for me.

There is no reason to be a bitch. I probably would have said.. "oh that's cute you think YOUR a hooper with that bitchy attitude. I hope you break it"

"oh that's cute you think YOUR a hooper with bitchy attitude. I hope you break it"

hahaha! yes!

I would feel insulted by the, "that's cute you think you're a hooper" part. Wtf? Anyone can be a hooper. But I don't think she's wrong to not allow you to use it. Regardless of how much it cost, she doesn't know you and has no idea if you'd pay for the hoop if it did break. It's just an awkward situation to be in if someone were to break your hoop. Even if you're super sweet and would happily pay for it, she doesn't know that. I don't think you should ever expect someone to allow you to use their hoop just because their aren't using it. I've had people at events ask to use my hoop when I'm done with it and it makes me really uncomfortable. I'm nice and I hate saying no to people. But I really do not want anyone I don't know using a hoop that I spent a lot of money on. Honestly, I would really prefer if people didn't ask because even though it's perfectly ok to not share, saying no makes me feel like a jerk.

I agree with absolutely everything you said. 

To Liz: She was wrong to say no the rude way she did, but she has all the right to say: "I'm sorry but I would rather not share my hoop right now" to someone she has never met before.

It is awesome that you are willing to share it with anyone but you should do it without expectation that everyone will do the same especially if you don't know his/her situation. Maybe if it breaks there is no way for her to get a new one for a long time. :(

I totally agree! You can say 'no' and be polite.


to be honest i think everyone has the right to say "no", it's her hoop after all, HOWEVER sounds to me like she was downright rude with it! I always take lots of hoops if i'm gonna be anywhere public as i know people always want to have a go! m xx

Wow! Sorry you had that experience! Sounds like she is the one that needs to re-think her hoopitude. Geez!

I try to let people play with my hoops when they ask. Particularly if I'm not using them. Spread the hoop love! But anyone can say no if they like and I've had a couple 'Nos' thrown at me, particularly with expensive LEDs, but NEVER so rudely.

I do always, always carry more than one hoop at festivals though. Especially if I am attached to one of them in particular. I've had some people borrow a hoop and proceed to blow my mind with their skill level. Bam! I do have to say that there are those people that ask to borrow a hoop for a wee while and I'm left waiting (and waiting) for them and their wee while which has turned into like 45 minutes. ha! I have had to ask people if I can have my hoop back so I can use it. :)

Just think of all the extra good energy you get in your hoops by letting other people experience joy with them.

hoopitude? HAHAHA! That is awesome!! :-D, agreed she should not have said it so rudely. :/

Anytime a hooper comes up and asks I always let them! LED or otherwise. I even let people who just want to try it, try it, most of the time and if they are being too rough with it then I simply say 'I'm sorry but I've got to go now' and get it back off them.

She was extremely rude to you! A simple 'I'm sorry but no' would have been sufficient. She didn't need to insult you by calling you a baby, and then further patronize you by saying it was cute you thought you were a hooper. It was very mean-spirited and 'un-hooper' like of her.

I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!!!!!!! I used let ANYONE use my hoop (its hard for me to say no) but have recently run into some rudeness that is making me think I should be less open and friendly with my hoops. First off, at a show I went to (where I let several people use my hoop) one person I let have at it handed it back (after she hooped for a minute) and was like "THATS how its done..." which was quite rude.. but not as bad as a gentleman who just threw my hoop into the crowd...@$$... I will probably not let anyone use my new one..

more recently I was at my local watering hole that lets me hoop once a week on their DJ night... and I wanted to compliment a hooper who I hadn't seen before. She was rocking an Atomic. So when she was taking a break I told her she was great and her hoop is awesome.. and she gave me this like 'awww your a baby' look and said something like " keep doing it" or " keep trying" and like a pat on the back... It left me feeling like she was being a little snarky about it and she would not open the dialouge to anything else..So I just had to walk away.. thinking to myself... she could have been nicer about that (I think it was an ego thing). But then again I understand just because we both hoop doesn't mean we have to be friends..but really wheres the hooper community love?

Wow. Rude girl! I pretty much refuse to let people use my LED at shows, unless I have seen them hoop before and know that they can actually keep a 33" up... plus, once you let one person try, you have 3 more that want to as well, so I pull out the "if I let you play, then I have to let everyone play or I seem mean and stingy" deal.... I also bring non LED hoops people are more than welcome to play with so I don't feel like a total bitch saying no., it has really helped.
I just can't even imagine what I would do if someone messed up my hoop, and it's not even a super spendy one, but it's still mine, I paid for it, and I'm the one that has to deal with being heart broken if it gets damaged. If I break it, I can deal, but if some rando hurt my baby, I would be so pissed.

That is pretty rude. I never mind when people use my hoop. i just tell them two rules, no boomerang wheel (idk what you actually call it but that's when you roll the hoop forward so it comes back towards you) and if there is grass around...then please...hoop on the grass. Its a safer landing......for the hoop. haha. 

But like everyone said, it could have been said nicer.


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