do you let people use your hoop at festivals if they come up and ask cuz...

i was at a show two nights ago and this girl was hooping with an led hoop nothing fancy two color 16 led hoop, i am not dissing her hoop but im just sayin its no 400 dollar atomic. well she was holding her hoop not using it so i went up and said " hey do you mind if i try your hoop my friends brought me here and i didnt have time to pick up my hoop from my house, i hoop everyday and i wont do anything crazy."  this girl was older than me i am 21 she looks at me and says" oh your just a baby, i cant let you use my ho op, but thats cute you think youre a hooper, but i dont know you and if you break it i am out 100 bucks". to me hooping isnt just about skill and who has a nicer hoop its about community friendship i hoop you hoop spread hoop love, pass the hoop and whater else you like to pass, lol.  i let people use my hoop when they come up and ask its hdpe it wont break unless you try and kink it, her hoop wasnt polypro, i heard thats more brittle but i want everyones opinion am i wrong to feel insulted by this woman, and do you let people use your hoop if they ask especially if they let you know they are a fellow hooper. to me if i see i hoop i get a funny feeling and i gotta hoop hooping is in my blood, lol, its just wrong to me yo deprive a fellow hooper of a hoop.

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What kind of warranty comes with the helix hoops? I'm having a serious tough time deciding btwn the 3/4HDPE and the 3/4 poly hoop.. mostly because of my durability concern.. Do or can you replace the poly tubing if it were to crack? Or is there some kind of insurance protection or anything like that? I want to order my hoop asap, but must figure this out! Does anyone know? :>

Thank you!!


That girl was IGNORANT!!!! I have three leds, two from moodhoops and one from trick concepts, totally not close into comparrison to a proton or atomic, but when i take them out, its pretty much a given i will be sharing them with strangers all night weather i take all three or just one. Ima dwamn good hooper and when people drop the and they fly, it actually doesnt bother me. I like to teach and share.  Im haveing fun either watching ppl hoop or hooping myself.  At a fire jam one night i swear i was running a daycare by the time i knew it all these little rugratz where playing with my leds and regular hoops it, it was a good time.  If on occasion i would rather not share i just turn my battery off and if someone asks i atleast try and be polite about it. 

I wouldn't let people use my LED BUT I wouldn't say because of your age you "aren't a hooper" a baby or whatnot. Her response was very rude. She could have just said, "Sorry but I am very protective over this hoop." I let a bunch of people use all my other hoops however. Even though my LED was $150 and not $400, that's still a chunk of change to let people you don't really know use it.

I've been in plenty of situations where I regretted handing my LED to someone at a festival. Once I had to almost attack a girl because she was flailing about and about to end up in the giant fountain in hart plaza during DEMF in Detroit. Regardless, she should have NOT insulted you like that. It's just downright rude and uncalled for. A simple, "I've dealt with too many jerks who've disrespected my hoop to hand it out anymore, I'm sorry" would have been much better placed than... Oh, that's cute.. you think you're a hooper. What a mean girl. *scowl*

Honestly, as a new hooper, I've never asked anyone to borrow their hoop because I have two that I usually keep on me regardless of where I'm going or what I'm doing just in case an opportunity to hoop arises.


On that note, many people have asked me to use my extra hoop when they see it, and generally speaking I say yes. I can't imagine what you would do to her hoop that would break it, however I can understand how at a larger show her maybe being worried you would make off with it...?

Most hoopers I've met are down to earth, good people, and I can't imagine someone stealing a hoop, but in todays society you never know...maybe this was her concern. 

Doesn't change the fact that she was a total B*TCH to you. Sorry you had to deal with that :( 

 people are rude no matter if there hoopers, dancers, musicians, anyone with a title can get big headed. ive found that when people act like that, they are just scared that you are going to make there hoop look way cooler than they do! i do understand wanting to protect your led because ive been that nice person that gets there hoop back from a stranger and its broken :( and you cant really say give me money because life doesnt work like that. but there is no need to be rude about it, ppl can nicely say im sorry but i dont feel comfortable with that. but all you can do is give out that good hoop energy and hope that other people grow from your kindness! hope this helps :)

Every situation is different. this one sounds like rudeness. I understand how annoying when people are asking you ALL FREAKING NIGHT LONG to use you hoop or poi and you never get a chance to spin.

Her attitude is ridiculous and completely uncalled for, but on the same point, I've had people come up to me to borrow my LED, tell me they are great hoopers, and then slam it on the ground because they were in fact, NOT the great amazing hooper they claimed to be. I'm not saying the circumstances are the same in your case. My LED is a Moodhoop and not very expensive, but that's not enough of a reason for me to lend it out to a stranger. 

The fact that she said you couldn't use it doesn't bother me as much as her comment. I personally would have let you or anyone use my hoop, and would have been excited to meet another hooper. She's just too full of herself.

Edie Simons


I agree- what she said was inappropriate. Now at 21 I would "think" of you as a baby, cause my oldest baby is only 20, lol...but I would never say something like that. Especially the " you think you're a hooper" part. She did have rights in not wanting to loan out her LED, and that part I can understand. Some people have little tack when talking with strangers. That aside, whenever I hoop in public I always bring extras for ppl to play with. I'm going to Wanee Festival in a week (can't wait) and have a whole stack to strap to the top of my jeep to give away & spread the love. IMO she was rude how she said it, but it's over so just let it go & don't dwell on the negative.

I own a 2 circuit Psi hoop purchased in doesn't have the 100's of modes like atomic/helix/phoenix, but it IS a $400 hoop! some people work really hard to save up for the whatever hoop they own! no matter what kind it is!


I had a situation at a festival, this girl that I know from my town, she borrowed my Psi during pretty lights. The ground was muddy from the rain couple hours earlier...a friend she knew walked by, so she dropped my hoop on the ground, stepped on it to hug her friend, then did boomerang rolls with it when the friend walked away. Ugh My boyfriend was the one who noticed, as I wasn't watching her, for I knew she owned a Psi too (appearently is was in her car) plus she performs, so I figured I could trust her to play with respect. I later learned her Psi had cracked tubing (it takes alot of farting around to crack your psi hoop!) and she also mysteriously broked the charger port.


I was so upset! I would NEVER do that with her hoop!


I feel when this girl asks to borrow my hoop it's almost like she's saying, "Hey, I almost drowned my dog giving him a bath last week, can I take your dog for a walk?"


There have been so many people with little to no experience that I have borrowed that hoop to and they were SO mindful when playing with it. Some "experienced" hoopers CAN be rough with hoops...especially when they're all cracked out on molly


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