Below you'll find all the details on the "Dudes of Hooping Calendar". To win one copy of this wicked calendar all you have to do is find a dude, get him into the hoop and snap a photo. Post it below to enter the contest and a winner will be randomly selected from the entries.

Contest Deadline:  June 23rd

Order Your Own "Dudes of Hooping Calendar"

About the Calendar/Fundraiser
Every year Spin Cycle builds the one of the largest shaded spaces on the playa and dedicates that space to hooping and music. It’s a massive undertaking that we do for the hooping community and we spend about $10,000 to make it happen. That’s been funded primarily through camp dues and by camp organizers. In addition to the expenses we incur each year, we bring nearly $30,000 of equipment to the playa, most is volunteered personal property of our team. For the first time we’re asking the community for support in order to provide a more sustainable energy supply for the music that fuels this hooping space.

The Calendar Features:
Khan Wong
Matt "Poki" McCorkle
Rico Titou
Malcolm Stuart
Rainbow Michael
Rich Porter
Dustin Hubel
Philo Hagen
Nick Guzzardo
Grant Leonard
Stefan Pildes
Zach Fisher

They only have 100 Calendars left.  All procedes benefit SpinCycle.  If you're interested in camping with SpinCycle, visit


And the Winner Is:

LoopDLu for her photo of her dad hooping on his neck!

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I love love love love this idea! I need to get a pic of my guy this is great! ;)


 Here's my hot hooping husband, Chad. 

Hi! This is my entry. (I must admit it's easy to find a dude when you happen to be one.) :)

still shot taken from a video my boyfriend made of himself hoopin for me:) hoop looks best in the second one but the boy is rockin it in the first! 


My friend Patches hoopin it up .

This is my husband Leonardo, getting down with some fun hoop action!

this is my hooping dude - he is also the love of my life - without him i probably NEVER would have been a hooper and definitely would not have the confidence I do because his support has been incredible <3 

i also attached a few other pics just for fun - pretty good stuff to be seen here :)


My hooping dude. 

this is my friend ricardo! He hardly hoops but took my helix for a spin and it made for a fun photo shoot!

and this was my second choice! Again another non hooping dude! This one is of Calvin and the helix. He FEELS its POWER.


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