whos going? I got my tix Monday!!

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I plan on being there! I will also be at rock n roll resort and 420 event!

ooooh! where are those events? 

I'll be there! :)

i'm going :) went last year it was  a blast

See you in the forest ;D

only had enough for Bonnaroo and NY but saving for next yr

Im going! Seriously cannot waitt. Last year was amazing and Rothbury 2009 was my first music festival ever. Sherwood forest is the happiest place on earth<3

rothbury was my first music festival too! Sherwood Forest will always have a special place in my heart. Hope to see all you beautiful hoopers there!!

I so badly want to go! Heard its amazing =)

seeya there

I feel a little guilty. I think I will have less travel time than most people...  I am 1 block away from the site. :)  Nice to actually go home to shower in the a.m. and not have to go far.  

aw shit! i know where im showering now!!!1     ;)


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