Hello Lovely Hoopers! If you don't already know, the Electric Forest Festival annual hoop troupe audition is underway! You still have until May 21st to submit your entry. Contest details can be found here: http://electricforestfestival.com/contests.php

See you in the forest!

xo Shakti

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Here is my video ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-CViFBbNaY i would love to go to electric forest. !

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rHMwyPRlnzs ... Show me some love with a like pretty please... It would be mah first festie and I wanna get funky!

Take a gander I hope you enjoy and press like :) 


Go Check out my hoop video just search Courtney's Electric Forest Hoop Troupe Casting :)
Be sure to like the video on you tube!

Hello Hoopers! Please check out my friend Malpals video as well! And if you enjoy please help out by liking it on youtube! :) thanks a bunch and good luck to everyone! 


I filmed and edited it too :) 


I would love any support from the Hoopcity Community. Thank you to Electric Forest for the opportunity.

My Submission was right at the deadline, So I could use all the likes I could get! Thanks!

Press like on youtube for my Hoop Video!!!


Will you please check my friend Katie Emmitt out and vote for her. She's number 8, thanks!


How do we know who won? I'm guessing it's on Facebook or something but I don't have one, and I wanted to see who made it! :) Somebody please help me out!

Didn't think I was good enough. So i didnt enter

I didn't think I was good enough either, but really, I think next year me and you should try anyways.

: D It would be so cool to go do that with so many other hoopers!


Yes!! Still a fun challenge to participate in! And totally safe. I LOVE to see people bring their heart to it. Competition is steep because we get so many entries, but every video lights me up. ;-)



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