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I'm thinking about reopening my ETSY shop. I ran one for about a year, but that was more than two years ago. I sold macramé jewelry, bags, and belts. Did pretty well too, though it took a lot of time to keep the store updated and to network.


So I'm wondering how business is going in YOUR shop. What trends have you noticed--especially if you've been with ETSY for a couple years? Are folks buying inexpensive items or dropping the dollars for OOAK items? What networking tools do you use? What promotions work best? How do you help your shop stand out in the crowd?


Thanks, friends.

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I have to say, this past year business has slowed down- I blame the economy! LOL. :) I've been selling online about 3 1/2 years now. My shop is not hosted on Etsy, but on Hyena Cart (which is similar because it's for handmade) I prefer it because the cost is lower & I was able to customize how my shop looks. That & I've stopped looking/shopping on Etsy less & less since they sell supplies & vintage (and sex stuff- which irks me when my lil one is around- it's all about tags ya know, lol) Artfire is an nice place too that's similar to Esty & HC. For trends- that changes way too often for me to keep up with. A majority of my items are OOAK, but I'd say my larger priced items sell faster...go figure. I use my blog, facebook fan page & HC forums for "spreading the word" & occasional do banner placement & Google SEO (not sure if that's available through Etsy though). Promotions- everyone loves free stuff. A PIF (pay it forward) or FFS (free for shipping) listing ALWAYS drives up traffic to my shop. For large orders I always throw in lil freebies, which vary according to what was bought. As for standing out in the crowd- the internet is a BIG place, but honestly- make quality products and  word of mouth through happy customers is the best way to be noticed, IMO. :)
Great advice, thank you!!!
My etsy is mostly pendants I have made and fingerless g(loves)! Come check me out, those gloves are great for colder season hooping, or really just for all of the time, I am hardly without them! Hands to Hands

I love the little bird on a branch pendant, Emily! Interested in trading a couple pendants for anything in my shop

I would be in. I will be posting a lot of new pendants soon if you want to wait to see what I have then!


I have an etsy shop that I only just opened last fall (Sept I think)  I have had a total of 24 sales.  In the begining I renewed and added listing just about everyday.  Then over the winter I did nothing as far as renewing or adding new hoops.  Nor did I advertise or talk about my shop on my FB page.  Then I just started up again about 2 weeks ago.  I have been adding and renewing items everyday again.  And I can tell you that renewing makes ALL the difference!!  I think of those 24 sales, only one of them was over the winter when I was not renewing.  So, RENEW RENEW RENEW!!!

Here is my etsy store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/swirlywhirlyhoops

Here is my FB page:  http://www.facebook.com/SwirlyWhirlyGirl


A note about pricing...I think we should all stop trying to under cut each others pricing and just have confidence in our own pricing that it reflects the quality of your work and materials.  I cannot understand how some of the hoop crafters on etsy can even pay for material with the prices they are charging. (More power to them if they are charging that little AND paying themselves! I wish I could!)  At one point I had my pricing so low that I was only breaking even on some of my hoops. Meaning I wasn't even paying myself for the time I spent making them.  This was only making me resentful.  Not too long ago I refigured my material costs and the time it takes me to make a quality hoop and raised my pricing.  I may not be the cheapest on etsy, but I know that I am making quality hoops. I no longer feel the need to rush through a hoop taping because I have to get it done as quick as possible because I'm not getting paid for my time. Your time and experience and the quality of your work are worth money.  So be sure you are paying yourself. And don't worry TOO much about what everyone else is charging.  Hoop Love!

I just started my etsy recently about 2 weeks ago.  I've made 8 sales and im super excited about it.  Seriously though - I am so thankful for this website because it gives crafters and opportunity to sell their products without having the ability otherwise.  I made crystal wrap pendants and rings and feather jewelery.  I'm having trouble selling my more expensive items but I keep crossing my fingers :)



I opened my Etsy shop - Bonney Designs - about three weeks ago.  I have yet to make my first sale, but I know it can be slow starting, especially with jewelry.


I've enjoyed the process, though, and I'm sure I'll start seeing some sales as the word gets around.  I have a FB page; I've promo'd it on all my blogs, in my email signature and several places here at HC; and I had cards made to give out and include in the box when I make silent auction donations.


Feel free to drop by the shop, and if you decide to buy, use the coupon code HOOP10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount. :)

My shop is called Cutecumb3r and I've been an etsy seller for about 1 1/2 years. I have very mixed emotions about etsy because sometimes I feel like there are more sellers than buyers. It feels like there is only traffic coming from within the etsy community and since you have to make an etsy account to make a purchase it drives outsiders away from buying regardless of your social media and marketing efforts. Also jewelry is a very hard market on etsy because there are so many other sellers out there. It's by far the biggest genra of shops.


However, I still love etsy and enjoy building up my shop regardless of sales. Sales haven't been so hot for me. I sell more at small festivals and fairs. It does get frustrating sometime because you put so much work into it.  


My best advise for everyone is to GET A GOOGLEANALYTICS ACCOUNT FOR YOUR ETSY SHOP! It's so great because you can track where your traffic flow is coming from, see how many people have visited your site, what items are hot etc. It's the perfect market research tool and easy to use.


Good Luck ::: Cutecumb3r :::

I have 2 etsy shops.. Business is going well in the first, where I sell my wire wraps.  I just took a dive into the deep end and opened my second one and I havent sold anything yet.  I'm assuming it's because I don't conduct much activity on it but Im keeping my fingers crossed for that first sale. 

For my wire wraps I usually get custom orders and thats most of my income.  Sometimes people buy things that are not custom but theyre usually the less expensive wraps.

Check them out..





Wonderful stuff, Kathryn!  I've added you to my circles and kcdesignart to my favorite shops.

How did you get the sales going with your shop?  I've been on Etsy since last July (http://www.etsy.com/shop/BonneyDesigns), and so far only two sales to one person.  I don't have the funds for advertising, but I need to find a way to generate interest beyond people favoriting items and adding them to treasuries.  All that is nice and makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but it hasn't translated to sales yet.  Any pointers you can offer would be much appreciated. :)

I'm selling mostly hoops and festival hats that I make (unicorns monsters n stuff) and I'm doing pretty well. It's hard for me to keep everything up to date as I'm working part time and also am just starting yoga school so my time is limited. So I'd say for 0 promotion I'm doing well, I get at least 2-5 sales per month without putting in much promoting efforts.

I notice I get a big surge of bushiness during winter solstice (Christmas Chanukah etc...) Halloween and Burning Man. Here is a link to my shop if you'd like to check it out www.vesicapiscishoops.etsy.com

You should totally re-open your shop btw. :)


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