What was the first trick you learned how to do, and what's your favorite trick to perform?

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The first trick I tried with success was the vortex.

I dont perform but I'd have to say my favorite trick to do/see is the three beat weave with LED twins. So pretty.

The first trick I learnt was waist hooping. I was terrible to start with -  quickly followed by hips and halos - and I thought I was an amazing goddess cracking the prayer halo!  The hardest trick I have learnt is the float as dizzy tricks really challenge my balance sickness. I am proud to say I have now conquered this move.

I do as little performing as I possibly can but my favourite flow trick combo is a halo/pass/revolving door/(no foot back down on the floor) halo combo. 

Great question and I hope lots of people rely to give me lots of inspiration :)

i think i learned the vortex first and my first trick is also the vortex while spinning

first trick was the vortex - i feel like that's pretty standard because it looks SO cool (it really does, we forget that after we've learned a ton of tricks lol)


but my favorite performance trick is probably barrel rolls or cat-eye isos. i like to do pretty tricks while dancing and i feel like both of those fall into that category quite well

is there a list of tricks and what theyre called? bc im so lost . i dont know the name of any tricks lol . ive only been hooping for a couple weeks though


There isnt much but this might help :]

first trick was the VORTEX muahahahahahaha.

favorite performance trick is definitely the pizza toss!

My first trick was a bow. It actually took me a few days to get the vortex. :)

My favorite trick of the moment is isopops/linear isolations. :D

first trick i learned was the lift-up into lasso. second i learned was knee hooping. favorite is probably hooping on one leg or isopops (i love this trick, won't perform it though because it isn't good enough yet)

my first trick like almost everyone elses is the vortex...but my favorite trick at the moment is the horizontal elbow pass and shoulder stalls.

The first trick I learned was simply bringing it above my head, the vortext came later.  I taught myself a bunch of tricks in the beggining then i found this wonderful site and started getting help from tutorials...

Some of my favorite tricks now are anything with minis (ecspecially the windmill and windmill variations) and also the p izza toss into a jump through vortext....mmmhmmm!

Does lifting from waist into lasso count a a trick? That's the first thing I learned to do besides hooping at the waist. My favorite trick overall is a tie between the shoulder duck out and the behind the back elbow pass.


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