Wooh, my favorite time of year, festival season!! What festivals are you most excited for this summer? What festivals would you say have the best hoop scene?

I will be at Gathering of the Vibes for sure. That festival has a special place in my heart because it is where I first picked up the hoop. It's in the area that I grew up. The hooping community is wonderful there as well. In addition to Vibes I might go to Delfest or Mountain Jam, I haven't decided yet because I'm waiting for Phish to post their tour dates. And I'm going to Wildfire in August, which will be my first hoop festival! :) Anyone have any suggestions of some other great festivals to consider?

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Haha Shannon it's weird I was just thinking the other day " I bet Shannon's going to Harvest, I better ask her at the hoop jam if I can join the JAMILY!:P " 

Lol. Then I found this post and BOOM! look at that!!

Haha I can't wait for next Waka to be on Mulberry mountain again.

String Cheese at Hornings Hideout**

I'll be volunteering at Camp Barfoot 6 this year! Anybody else gonna be there? I may need someone to roadtrip with :)

I'm Canadian and have only been to Canadian Festivals but we have a pretty solid community here in Toronto, so there's usually a pretty good turnout of hoopers for festivals in Ontario, at least. 

The ones I've been to/will be attending are:




Harvest Festival

I was hoping to make it out to Eclipse as well, but Shambhala has the attention of most of my resources this summer. Hopefully next year I can up my festival attendance! 

Headed to Motion Notion TODAY and Shambhala in 2 weeks!  Check out my Shambhala survey (in the social chat forum) if you are going; I'd really like to get some more feedback from experienced hoopers! 

Isn't amazing how a PARTY can really drive you to get your shit together, make more money, learn new skills and create more art, make new friends, and in general just improve your life? 



Where can I access my classes?

Unfortunately, I am going to have to MANUALLY transfer over 1700 students to the new site. When it is ready I'll be posting EVERYWHERE with instructions on how to log into your account. I'll do whatever it takes to make this work so you don't lose your access.

Predicted launch date: January 23rd, 2016

Thank you for your patience and support!

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