Wooh, my favorite time of year, festival season!! What festivals are you most excited for this summer? What festivals would you say have the best hoop scene?

I will be at Gathering of the Vibes for sure. That festival has a special place in my heart because it is where I first picked up the hoop. It's in the area that I grew up. The hooping community is wonderful there as well. In addition to Vibes I might go to Delfest or Mountain Jam, I haven't decided yet because I'm waiting for Phish to post their tour dates. And I'm going to Wildfire in August, which will be my first hoop festival! :) Anyone have any suggestions of some other great festivals to consider?

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Haha Shannon it's weird I was just thinking the other day " I bet Shannon's going to Harvest, I better ask her at the hoop jam if I can join the JAMILY!:P " 

Lol. Then I found this post and BOOM! look at that!!

Haha I can't wait for next Waka to be on Mulberry mountain again.

String Cheese at Hornings Hideout**

I'll be volunteering at Camp Barfoot 6 this year! Anybody else gonna be there? I may need someone to roadtrip with :)

I'm Canadian and have only been to Canadian Festivals but we have a pretty solid community here in Toronto, so there's usually a pretty good turnout of hoopers for festivals in Ontario, at least. 

The ones I've been to/will be attending are:




Harvest Festival

I was hoping to make it out to Eclipse as well, but Shambhala has the attention of most of my resources this summer. Hopefully next year I can up my festival attendance! 

Headed to Motion Notion TODAY and Shambhala in 2 weeks!  Check out my Shambhala survey (in the social chat forum) if you are going; I'd really like to get some more feedback from experienced hoopers! 

Isn't amazing how a PARTY can really drive you to get your shit together, make more money, learn new skills and create more art, make new friends, and in general just improve your life? 



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