Wooh, my favorite time of year, festival season!! What festivals are you most excited for this summer? What festivals would you say have the best hoop scene?

I will be at Gathering of the Vibes for sure. That festival has a special place in my heart because it is where I first picked up the hoop. It's in the area that I grew up. The hooping community is wonderful there as well. In addition to Vibes I might go to Delfest or Mountain Jam, I haven't decided yet because I'm waiting for Phish to post their tour dates. And I'm going to Wildfire in August, which will be my first hoop festival! :) Anyone have any suggestions of some other great festivals to consider?

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This year will be a huge festie year for me. I have decided to really give back to the hoop community and work on teaching not just performing at festivals this year. So far I've been asked to teach/perform at the following festivals in the Midwest (below), hope to run into you beautiful spinners. I will be putting a lot of effort (today actually :D) into making traveling fire hoops. I really want to do an un-light fire hula hoop workshop. I want to bring my knowledge and wisdom of fire hula hooping to the spinning community.



Eco fest

Harvest fest

That's awesome! My dream would be to go teach at festivals and then I would get in for free and get to share what I love. Waka looks so great, I need to make it out there one of these days!

Wakarusa is were I first learned to hula hoop, i've been going 3 years straight since i first went in 2009. This year will be my 4th waka, I'm so excited to actually be able to teach there :D

Martika- I am pretty sure we hooped together with Ziggy and Circa at last years Eco-Fest? Prolly don't remember me but anyways if you are looking for any help teaching I would LOVE to get involved!! Eco-fest is one of my fave festivals :) Spoonfed Tribe totally killed it when they came into the crowd and were mad drummin :)

I guess I'll be seeing you at Wakarusa and Harvest!!!

that is awesome! as a beginner hooper i really hope to see you at some

You're teaching at Zenfest this year? How lovely! It's one of my favorite festivals. I LOVE camp gaea and the super-chill close knit vibe. 

Thats awesome! I'm also waiting for phish (rumors are atlantic city, which I dunno about..) but so far looks like bonnaroo (been waiting for YEARS to see radiohead) all good and electric forest. I'm hoping, so much, that electric forest still does the hoop troupe. ever since I found out about it last year from friends who went I've had my heart set on getting into it the following year (lady stardust's video is what got me into hooping every day). I love festival season so much! i just wish it were cheaper

Ahh I know, so many festivals but they're all so expensive! && if Phish does a 3-day run in AC I'll def do that. I'm just waiting to see if they do Bethel, which would be the same weekend as Delfest. Let me know what Phish shows you go to though! It's always good to meet up w/ another hooper! :) I tried to start a Phish Phan group on Hoop City but I don't think it got approved :-/

thats such a bummer, you should try again i'm sure there are hundreds of phans on here :) i'll definately be going to the merriweather shows and camden but i'll have to see other than that. i'd love to go to a bethel show but its so far from me. but lets try and meet up sometime to hoop!!

Oooh! Do they allow hoops in Merriweather? I was told no, so I didn't bring one when I saw Wilco in September. 

I dunno I think it depends on whoever's letting you in. I've succesfully brought hoops into a few places around MD (the fillmore in silverspring, the soundstage in baltimore, this other little place in baltimore, and merriweather) but I've also been rejected for trying to bring a hoop in a lot of places. usually I just act really sweet and when they try to call someone on their walkie talkie to see if its allowed i just sneak through and its never an issue. I brought my hoop to my morning jacket at merriweather and I've definately seen hoops at phish at merriweather before. It probably just takes a little sweet talking sometime. Thats the one thing I hate about going to shows with a hoop- you never know whats gonna happen and if you get denied then what are you going to do?


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