I have the Atomic, the Atomic Pro, the Aura , and even a Cosmic Led... But what about the Fiber Optic hoop? I've seen maybe 5 videos. And no real Pictures of it in use. It seems very intriguing to me... one solid circle of light. But does it come in Polypro? Is it even a good hoop when you need it small? Like 29 ID... Is it worth the Price tag? Just wondering if anyone had any input on this amazing LED! ;-)

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You got it!

Hi all. I am very interested in investing in a fibre optic hoop someday since I sort of prefer the simpler patterns and appearance. Can someone tell me how "off" the weights are in this hoop? Is it really comparable to spinning with one of those Walmart water hoops? Because that would be a huge buzzkill. I really hope more companies get on the fibre optic train so they are more affordable and higher quality. Thanks!! :)


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